A Tale of Two Cubbies?

A Tale of Two Cubbies?

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A Tale of Two Cubbies?


How does the old Jerry Reed song go?

When you’re hot, you’re hot. And when you’re not…you get shit on for raising close to $300K for first responders on the 16th anniversary of the largest attack on American soil.

Something like that, right?

First…the “hot”.

Back in January, Kris Bryant married his longtime girlfriend Jessica Delp and, as is customary, the couple sent out “Thank You” cards to folks who got them wedding presents. Included in the gift giving…fans of the Chicago Cubs star and, yes, the newlyweds even managed to thank them.

“After the Cubs won the World Series, Kris Bryant was on Kimmel and said fans were sending him wedding gifts,” lifelong fan Ben Hutchison said. “To thank him for bringing a Championship to the north side I sent a gift. Yesterday, I received this letter. For him and his wife to respond to fans is pretty special. It’ll be a fun story to tell for years to come.”

Pretty special indeed.

Now…for the “not”.

Sunday, Bryant’s teammate Kyle Schwarber took advantage of a night off by hosting a “Block Party” to raise some money and honor Chicago’s first responders.

Naturally, because the internet, raising more than $280,000 wasn’t good enough for some.

So, if you’re keeping score at home…no one is really complaining that the reigning National League MVP is taking the time to sign what had to have been hundreds of free autographs thanking fans for wedding gifts, but Schwarbs and his dismal .201 batting average can’t celebrate first responders?


(h/t @BennyHutch and @Soup_CIub)


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