New statement uniforms leak from down under

New statement uniforms leak from down under

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New statement uniforms leak from down under


Earlier today, twitter user @JMoneyMikita Tweeted pics of the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors “Statement” uniforms as they appeared in the team selection screen from the upcoming basketball video game NBA2K18. Intrigued, we reached out to @JMoneyMikita and he was happy to share screenshots of the remaining 27 “Statement” uniforms from across the NBA. Turns out Mr. JMoneyMikita was able to purchase an early-release copy of NBA2K18 in Australia, which may explain how we’re seeing this an entire month before the game is officially released worldwide (but doesn’t really explain why the screenshots are en francais).

So that’s the new Boston “statement” jersey–SportsLogos.Net informs me that these were earlier entitled the “Athlete’s Mindset”, of course the working title in Nike offices was probably more along the lines of the “Naked Cash Grab”

John likes it. I’m indifferent. I like it a bit better than the outgoing black on green jerseys, they’re hardly the worst ones out there.

Those are undoubtedly the Warriors’ “The Town” jersey which refers to Oakland, the city they’re leaving behind for their fancy new digs in ‘Frisco.

  • The Thunder’s OKC design, with jagged letters undoubtedly inspired by the fracking induced earthquakes now hitting the area.
  • The Wolves jersey, which meets OSHA high-vis requirements for construction work
  • The Dallas Mavericks, whose placement right above the Denver Nuggets shows you just how derivative their design really is.

On the other hand, I like the Jazz, Nuggets and Pacers jerseys; the Spurs aren’t bad, and the rest of them?

To be honest, the rest of them just look like conventional road jerseys. Yawn.

Also: I’m totally certain that our friend on Twitter got his copy of 2K18 early in a totally legal move and entirely because he lives in Australia and not at all because he knows his way around the dark web.

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