Saints Nation Guru #2 - Patriots

Saints Nation Guru #2 - Patriots


Saints Nation Guru #2 - Patriots

So this defense was still crap. Room to grow though.. Well we need to look at something positive right? The only thing they can do is find an answer and then make sure Brady does not get to Cooks. But there is not much time. I do not expect Strief to be ready. If he isn’t out for a long time (writing this right after the game). So… Lets just hope. That is all we can do.
Hey at least Lutz, Banjo, Edmunds and Fleener are good!

The answers of last week were: Cam Jordan had the one and only sack, the Saints leading rushers were Peterson and Kamara with 18 yards. Ingram was close with 17 but he was the leading receiving RB with 5 receptions. Drew had only 1 TD and the answer to the bonus question is 19-29 Vikings.

Micheal L Stolfi and Chris Smith had both 3 answers correct, but Micheal L Stolfi had the Saints lose, so he wins the Guru for the week! Congratulations.

There is also the Falcons Cup; the one with the most wrong. 3 people had only 1 correct answer; Joseph Lopez, Mateus João Feldhaus and Me. All 3 had the Saints win. Joseph was 26 points off, Matheus was 17 off and I was 20 points off. That means Joseph is leading the Falcons cup now.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

  1. Micheal L Stolfi

Falcons Cup

  1. Joseph Lopez

Next weeks questions:

  1. How many 20+ yard plays will the Saints allow?
  2. Does Cooks get more reception yards then any Saints WR?
  3. Will there be more then 60 (both teams combined) points scored this game?
  4. Which Saints LB will have the most tackles?
  5. What is the total yardage the Saints offense gets?


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