The Final Indignity Is Yet To Come

The Final Indignity Is Yet To Come


The Final Indignity Is Yet To Come


When we last left Rafael Montero, he was struggling to barely get to five innings without going over 100 pitches. He did it, barely. And he won, barely. But with all of his off speed stuff that he needed just to get through five because he still doesn’t feel as if he could go after hitters, apparently, he could only go four and 2/3’s and 108 pitches against Atlanta on Friday in a 3-2 loss. Montero struck out Freddie Freeman in the third on a nasty slider, but it was a nine pitch at-bat in the third after an 11 pitch at-bat to Ozzie Albies. His pitch count by inning: 19, 17. 24, and 20. By the fifth it caught up to him, and he reverted to the enigma that he has been since he came up to the majors with a 28 pitch inning which knocked him clean out and gave the Braves the lead for good.

The good news out of Friday is that it was a 3-2 loss and not 55 to negative 3 as all the games against the Cubs seemed to wind up. Also, we got to hear Ronnie tell a delightful story about his cabbie in Atlanta almost got him lost in Pascual Perez land. Keith was exasperated because Ronnie didn’t tear the cabbie a new one, and Ronnie reasoned that he felt bad for him and didn’t want to start the day on a bad note. Note to Atlanta cabbies: Don’t get lost with Keith in the car.

The bad news is that the Yankees have co-opted Met culture by stealing the “thumbs down” gesture of a Met fan watching the Yanks/Rays series at Citi Field, and now thanks to Todd Frazier the Yankees are f***ing bonding because of it.

The Yankees are bonding over Met fan anguish? I knew this season from the depths of hell was missing something.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Todd Frazier
  2. Ozzie Albies
  3. Ender Inciarte
  4. CC Sabathia
  5. Todd Frazier again (because he’ll win the World Series because of “thumbs down” and then come to the Mets and hit .190 in 2018.)


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