An exhibition post game

An exhibition post game

Barry Melrose Rocks

An exhibition post game


At a press conference in Winnipeg, some familiar faces populate he press room, but one new face awaits coach Paul Maurice

“Coach Maurice? Coach? Artie Main with the Binghamton Metro Recorder,”

“Uh huh, go ahead,”

AM – “Coach, Who are all these guys?”

PM – “We had a big group of veteran guys and we slowly started getting them worked into the power play…”

AM – “OK great, I don’t know exactly what that means. What are they all doing?”

PM – “We got those guys almost 10 minutes of power-play time.”

AM – “I don’t think you fully grasp what I’m saying. I thought I was getting the New York Jets beat, and I don’t really know the first thing about hockey. Or Winnipeg. Are we in one of the Dakotas right now?

(Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)


AM – OK, right. So how did…. it…. look?

PM – Some of it looked nice, some of it looked like it was the first exhibition game.

AM – Holy crap, I’m not going to get anything out of you. Does anyone want to help me figure this out? Maybe get together and just discuss what happened tonight?

Anonymous Reporter – Um, Artie, they said that —

PM – There wouldn’t be a whole lot of group evaluation after that game

AM: Aw, heck

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