The Fujiwara Between Fighting And Giving Up

The Fujiwara Between Fighting And Giving Up


The Fujiwara Between Fighting And Giving Up


I feel bad for Matt Harvey.

Some of you don’t, and that’s fine. But Harvey got clobbered again on Monday. He gave up seven runs in four innings on 12 hits and two walks. He struck out Giancarlo Stanton on high cheese that made me think that maybe there was something there. But Stanton got revenge with his 55th dinger of the season off a slider that looked like a child hitting a whiffle ball off a tee with one of those big plastic bats.

When a 28-year-old pitcher who once had the entire city in the palm of his hand all of a sudden has to endure talk of reinventing himself or never being the same again, it’s rough. Call it “crossroads”, or what you will. But injuries or not, Harvey isn’t going to feel good going into the off-season and I’m not sure two more starts are going to help.

I can’t tell if Collins is fighting or giving up. For that matter, I can’t tell if Harvey is fighting or giving up.

Just see the video above. He’s basically saying he’s terrible, and sniping at the media at the same time. I’d love to trade places with a major league baseball player for a day, a week, a season … but I’m not sure I want to be Matt Harvey tonight.

Today’s Hate List

Seeing the Mets giving up seven runs in an inning, and then coming back from break to see a highlight of a Neil Walker two run single. I mean, I’m happy for Neil, but dammit can this season end already?

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