When Promotional Emails Go Wrong (Part 2)

When Promotional Emails Go Wrong (Part 2)

St. Louis Cardinals

When Promotional Emails Go Wrong (Part 2)



Please don’t tell me the Cardinals did it again.

Last week – right before the biggest series of the season – the Cardinals sent out a very similar email.

They promptly got blitzed three straight games in Chicago and effectively ended their chances at a playoff berth.

They win one game in Cincinnati and?


Oh, no.

It wasn’t’ a Gmail mistake.

They actually meant to send this email out.


Somewhere in Busch Stadium there is a poor soul that doesn’t know how baseball works.

You see, you have to either win your division or be one of the best 2 teams that didn’t win your division in order to qualify for the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals are not close to either of those necessary thresholds.

Or maybe there’s someone that has worked with the Cardinals for so long they don’t realize that playing October baseball isn’t a right for the Cardinals and that they have to earn it?

Maybe they just figured… it’s late September *hits send*.



Photo: @athooks

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