Your Guide To Blaming The 2017 Cardinals Season

Your Guide To Blaming The 2017 Cardinals Season

St. Louis Cardinals

Your Guide To Blaming The 2017 Cardinals Season


As Cardinals fans prepare to put the 2017 to bed over the next 11 days, we’ll all be looking for a unique talking point to call our own during casual conversation.

A short sentence or two that let’s people know that A) we’re disappointed in the season and B) we know what went wrong.

Between wrapping up the youth soccer season, soaking in the last warm days of the year, hayrides, haunted houses, trick-or-treating, football games and fall breaks, we’re all going to have to see each other.

Probably a lot.

So we can’t be blaming the same people/things for the Cardinals now annual tradition of not making the playoffs, right?

Jesus Ortiz of the Post-Dispatch is putting a claim in on the ‘why are you surprised, bruh?’ corner.

And while that was a good one, it doesn’t mean you can’t have you own unique angle on why the Cardinals have regressed from World Series runners-up in ’13 to…

Some ideas:

1. Blame Matheny

“How many games did the Cards finish out of the Wild Card? Yeah, thanks Matheny.”

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2. Blame the Brett Cecil signing

“How much is left on Brett Cecil’s contract? 22 million?! And we trust this front office to get it fixed this off-season with free-agents?

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3. Blame the Reds

“Dude, you know that the Cardinals have a losing record against the Reds this year? They’re 20 games under .500! If they’d taken care of business against a bad team, they’d be a Wild Card.”

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4. Blame Jhonny Peralta

“If those 21 games JP played were given to Paul DeJong – oh, man. Cards would still be playing AND we’d have a Rookie of the Year.”

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5. Blame Mo

“Wish Mozeliak wouldn’t have decided to take a day-long nap at the trading deadline.”

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6. Blame the Cubs

“Listen, it’s not the Cardinals fault the Cubs tanked for 108 years to stockpile all this talent…”

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7. Blame Carlos Martinez

“Not an ace, yo. Not an ace.”

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8. Blame Tommy Pham’s Effort

“Pham, man. That dude hustles. If the rest of the team played as hard as him, we’d be in 1st place. He showed us how REAL players go to work.”

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9. Blame Cardinals Fans

“3 million again this year. The Cardinals don’t have any incentive to change if we’re going to come out no matter what.”

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Or you can be more DIY and put-together your own blame-which. That could be fun.

Whatever route you want to go down, though, just make sure to check with a few close confidantes before rolling it out in wide release.

Nothing is more embarrassing than agreeing on the direction that the Cardinals should be headed in 2018!

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