Sami May Have A Chance!

Sami May Have A Chance!

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Sami May Have A Chance!


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but I think I have a way to make Sami Zayn as relevant on SmackDown Live!

OK, if you have followed me for the past year you are probably metaphorically screaming at the top of your lungs towards your screen telling me to stop.

Well…I don’t care…I’m continuing anyway!

Remember when Sami was on Raw and after what was a pretty solid program with Braun Strowman he pretty much seemed to be going nowhere? This was confusing as he more than held his own against The Monster Among Men. Because of this fans were clamoring for Zayn to switch to the Blue Brand and head to SmackDown Live where he would seemingly be used so much better on Tuesday nights.

With the superstar shake-up last April, it actually happened! Sami showed up and fans went nuts – this was it! Finally we would see Zayn achieve the accolades he more than deserves!

Or…or not.

Zayn has never really gained any sort of traction on SmackDown and has been relegated to go-nowhere programs with the likes of Mike Kanellis, who WWE apparently had no faith in from the start. As of late, Sami has even been losing random matches against guys like Aiden English. No knock on English, but this is not where someone with Zayn’s talent should be.

With each loss, I have noticed that Zayn has been frustrated a little more and more. Couple that with the fact that his only use on the show the last few weeks as been backstage segments with Kevin Owens and something interesting has hit me.

This could be the start of what we have been waiting for.

Next month, Owens is set to step inside Hell in the Cell against SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon. Somehow, I can see the cage door being opened. Down comes Sami to obviously attack Owens.

OR IS HE?!?!

Sami closes and locks the door behind him, steps into the ring, and goes right after…McMahon! Zayn reunites with longtime friend Owens and the two take out Shane-O to give Owens the win.

From there we get a scene similar to Hell in the Cell in 2011. Looking for revenge on the company after being “fired,” R-Truth and The Miz come down after the main event ends, locks the cell door and destroys CM Punk, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio. Security, the entire locker room and COO Triple H come down to try and get the door open and arrest the two “tresspassers.”

After the match, the two remain relentless in their attack on Shane which prompts Daniel Bryan to come down. UH-OH! The door is locked and Sami has the key! Picture this – Bryan and Sami on opposite sides of the cage with Zayn screaming at the top of his lungs something along the lines of ‘YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF US!” referencing Bryans independent stardom that they all started from. Wrestling drama at its finest!

The story doesn’t have to stop there though. Remember the night that Owens busted Vince open? Has he walked to the back, Owens exchanged a meaningful glance with Stephanie McMahon who came to check on her fallen father. The glance obviously meant that Steph was furious with Owens and just had nothing to say to someone that she had no respect for.


How about this instead – that glance could have been Steph’s look of approval to Owens for doing what he was supposed to. Kevin Owens has been in the minority the last few years. Guys that end up being huge stars in NXT haven’t all seemed to pan out quite like most have hoped. I don’t know if you knew this, but NXT is run by Triple H. The Game has been very vocal backstage about the way his boys have been booked on the show.


This could be the start of some sort of stable led by Triple H. I say it’s about time for some sort of takeover faction. SmackDown would be the perfect spot for it as well. Have you seen the pictures of the arenas lately? They’re literally half empty! Something exciting needs to happen now! This could be it!

It’s a long shot obviously as the logical path of events will probably lead to a Triple H vs Kevin Owens WrestleMania matchup. I’m not saying that this wouldn’t be a good one, but oh there is an opportunity for so much better here.

Plus, there is an opportunity for SOMETHING for Sami. If given a chance, he could be a star.

If not, hopefully something can come up for Zayn. Whether it’s here…or maybe Japan…

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