I Guess We're All Back In Now, Huh?

I Guess We're All Back In Now, Huh?

St. Louis Cardinals

I Guess We're All Back In Now, Huh?


All of us right now:

The Cardinals completed a sweep of the Reds while the Brewers and Rockies lost and all of a sudden the Wild Card standings look like this:

The positive people…

  • 1.5 games in 10 games? Doable.
  • 3 head to heads with Brewers left.
  • Really? We’re scared of the Rockies?

The negative people…

  • 4 games left against Cubs (4-11 vs in ’17).
  • Have seen enough false starts already.
  • Matheny still in charge of bullpen.

I know it’s not healthy to dwell on the past.

But, damn. If the Cardinals could have scratched out 1 win against the Cubs last weekend, they would be in real good shape heading into Pittsburgh for the final road series of the year this weekend.

They would have controlled their own destiny and we wouldn’t have to be up until 1:30 in the morning watching Rockies/Padres games.

The 2017 season is coming to a crescendo these next 10 days.

And this iteration of the team is destined to provide a thrilling or soul-devouring ending.

It’ll be fun to find out which.

Or agonizing.

Who knows.

PS: Yes, I said it was over. Appears that I was wrong (again) about this team. In fairness, I also said that I don’t know much about baseball anymore. By next week I expect Zappos to send over a job offer to manage the flip flop division.

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