Are you thinking what I’m thinking about the Redskins over the Raiders?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking about the Redskins over the Raiders?


Are you thinking what I’m thinking about the Redskins over the Raiders?


Hog Heaven has not enjoyed a Redskins game so much since the 1980s Golden Age. Joe Gibbs’ Hogskins dominated teams the way our ‘Skins dominated the Raiders. The difference is we expected to dominate back then. Nobody saw yesterday’s performance coming.

We are laser focused on the defense this season. Hog Heaven considers them the primary reason we missed the playoffs. How did they do with Richie Petibon’s favorite defensive stats?

  • Turnovers – 2 INTs and 1 fumble recovery
  • Third-down stops – Our Skins pitched a shutout, the Raiders were 0-11 in third-down conversions. WOW!

The defense OPENED the game with S Montae Nicholson’s of Derek Carr’s deep pass to Amari Cooper.

Montae, I owe you an apology. Hog Heaven did not know what to expect when the Redskins drafted you. You were a stalwart on Michigan State’s secondary. But the 2016 Spartans went 3-9 when they should have gone 9-3. Sitting here in the DMV, it was hard to see why that happened. So, you were a mystery.

I like what I see now and regret ever doubting you. #SpartyOn!


Speaking of Spartans, Kirk Cousins is winning the head-to-head competition with team president Bruce Allen. The Redskins have the roster talent to win eight or nine games. The front office can’t screw that up in too many ways. The future is another issue. Allen is royally screwed, and us with him.

Since 2015, the Redskins consistently offered Kirk the deal they should have offered the year earlier. The time to strike was before 2016, after Kirk’s 2015 “contract year” performance. Kirk’s camp proposed a deal that would have paid him $20 million per year and around $50 million guaranteed. That would have looked like a sweet deal today.


Allen’s worst sin is that he’s left the team with no 2018 alternative to Kirk. The Redskins should have seen that coming. (Grrr) Quarterback salaries are not frozen in ice. Lowballing Kirk was in the headwind new deals for Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr, who by coincidence was across the field with the Raiders.

There are no rookie or free agent QB options to Kirk in 2018. Thus, the ‘Skins have a player they say they can’t afford to keep, yet can’t afford to lose. It’s what comes of playing chicken with a man that does not blink.


We are exhausted hearing how great Josh Doctson is in practice when we haven’t seen him in games. We could watch his spectacular TD grab all day long.



Waiting to hear the injury report on Samaje Perine. He was holding his thumb like it was broken in the play when he lost his fumble.


Hog Heaven is in no hurry to buy Redskins gear until the team wins playoff games. When I open that wallet, it will be to buy #25 Chris Thompson and #80 Jamison Crowder Jerseys. These players have arrived!


I’m not too old for high school cheers and neither are you. Say it with me.

R-E!  D-S!   K-I!   N-S!     R-E!   D-S!   K-I!   N-S!



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