The Cardinals Have Become The Cubs

The Cardinals Have Become The Cubs

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals Have Become The Cubs


Maybe you feel different, but I’m a little embarrassed.


That won’t soon be forgotten by Cubs fans.

And this?

While that number has technically moved to 2-8 after the Cardinals held on to win Tuesday night’s tilt, the Cardinals actually were 1-9 against the Cubs over a 10-game stretch!

That is a thing that happened in 2017.

Or this?

Cruel. Just cruel.

But this?

That’s the pinned Tweet at the very top of the FOX Sports Midwest Twitter feed.

And it’s perfect.

The Cubs – in the middle of (another) early dismissal of the Cardinals and getting one step closer to another division title – have time to take selfies in the stands with a fan because they’ve built a lead they’re confident their opponent can’t come back from.

And Cardinal fans on social media? Eating it up! Everyone is going gaga for ‘Nacho Man’!

There are 6,000 likes and 2,700 shares on the Tweet. The one right below it on their feed (as of this post)? The one with Carson Kelly talking about game action?

19 likes and 2 shares.

The Cardinals have become the Cubs.


After Sunday’s game, the Cardinals will eclipse 3,400,000 tickets sold for 2017. The last season that the Cardinals were below 3,000,000? 2003 (2,910,386).

After Sunday’s game, the Cardinals will officially end their old TV contract with FOX Sports Midwest. The new one starting in 2018 will eventually bring the team 1,000,000,000 dollars in revenue. Yes, that is the right amount of zeros.

After Sunday’s game, the Cardinals front office will repeat what Mr. DeWitt told the Post-Dispatch last week:

After Sunday’s game, the Cardinals will be on their way back home or on to vacation. They will miss the postseason for the second straight year.

Lots of money.

Little incentive to change.

Most fans don’t seem to mind.

Same time and place next year, everybody!

Sound familiar?


This will turn out to be the most memorable thing about the Cardinals 2017 season:

Seems appropriate, in retrospect.

A small, furry, carnivorous mammal representing the Cardinals.

How the tables have turned.

Photo: Print Magazine

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