#RaceToQBMountain Week 5 Preview

#RaceToQBMountain Week 5 Preview

Buffalo Wins

#RaceToQBMountain Week 5 Preview


Welcome to Week Five of the 8-time EGOT considered Race to QB Mountain watch list.

Last Week Thoughts

As always, if you want a little analytics with your chat, PFF has a great roundtable looking at that side of the ledger for the gents we discuss #onhere.

Current odds even have Darnold in the catbird seat. So Sam, your mission should you choose to accept it is – do not stink!

NFL Team Check ins:

We’re almost at the quarter-mark for the season, and the 0-fers are getting me anxious.

Cincinnati, Cleveland, San Francisco, Los Angeles (Chargers), and the New York Giants are a strange bunch. Cleveland has DeShone Kizer and San Fran is pining for Cousins – and the Chargers and Giants are just about ripe to provide their 04 draft quarterbacks with understudies – or replacements. Cincinnati could leap to the top 4 in the AFC if they dumped Dalton and had a less problematic quarterback.

Because of that – and if the Bills continue playing solid defense and complimentary football – the choice will be clear: trying to buy their way into a top 5 pick, or deciding between picking Lamar Jackson, trading for the rights to Kirk Cousins, or picking up the aforementioned teams’ breakup QB.

Games to Watch this Weekend: (All times EST)


USC at Wazzu (10:30pm, ESPN) – Darnold vs Falk. With Darnold’s recent interception issues, this could be closer than it should be. I’m hoping to watch this after a victory (GO ELLWOOD GO!) on my DVR. Falk being able to out-duel Darnold would be an amazing feather in his cap this early in the college season. Darnold will also be without his left tackle, which means…this might be a LITuation.


Murray State at Louisville (3:30pm, ABC) – Lamar Jackson vs Murray State should be a stat padding experience par excellence. I’m guessing he’s out of the game by the third quarter with about 5 touchdowns in the books.

Texas State at Wyoming (4:00pm, GOOD LUCK) – Wyoming begins playing similar talent. I have no pity for Mr. Allen, so the stats have to get better or I’m going to think it’s not just about his “traits” in terms of “franchise QB push”.

Mississippi State at Auburn (6:00pm, ESPN) – Stidham vs. Mississippi State should be a solid game. I like the Bulldog’s chances of frustrating Auburn’s offense and making Stidham make tough throws.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (8:00pm, FOX) – Shoot. Out.  I’m going to love watching this game. The question will be, will Rudolph get the stink of the TCU game off, or will he be in a funk?

That’s it for this week. Tweet us and let us know if we’ve missed a QB you’ve had your eyes on!

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