The Baseball Cards of Roger Maris

The Baseball Cards of Roger Maris

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The Baseball Cards of Roger Maris


Best known as a Yankee, of course, Roger Maris actually started his career with the Indians. Here is his rookie card, from 1958 Topps.

In 1959 he was on the move, pictured on his Topps card with the Kansas City A’s.

In 1960 he made it three teams in his first three years on a card, as he was traded to the Yankees before the season (though he still appears to be wearing an A’s jersey on his card.

Topps highlighted his record-breaking home run with a great four-photo action card in 1962.

Topps was the only major card manufacturer during Maris’s career, but he did appear on the occasional food issue, like this 1963 JELL-O card.

Traded to the Cardinals in 1967, he appears on his Topps card that year in a Yankee jersey in Yankee Stadium.

He got a proper Cardinals card for his final season, 1968.

Maris has appeared in various modern cards in the 50 years since he played, such as this 1988 Pacific card.

In 1994 the Ted Williams card company published him in the uniform of the minor league Keokuk Indians.

Still enormously popular today, Maris appears on ten different cards in 2017, including a short-print variation in the Topps main set.


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