Tough to concentrate on Eagles football when tragedy strikes in Las Vegas...

Tough to concentrate on Eagles football when tragedy strikes in Las Vegas...


Tough to concentrate on Eagles football when tragedy strikes in Las Vegas...


Football is a sport very much based upon hand to hand, footspeed vs. footspeed, mind over mind combat. It is a classic military game in that sense.

“Game” being the key word… it’s no longer a game when a deranged mental patient tries to take over the outcome with a violent rules violation. That deluded soul is quickly ejected from the game and suspended from further competition.

Football is a sport… there is an art to playing it well.

Taking aim on an unarmed civilian crowd with a phalanx of automatic weapons is neither sport nor art…it is a sick expression of a very unsportsmanlike desire to hurt or kill strangers.

Shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind. That’s not fishing, it’s genocide.

Problem is, you can’t really identify the mass shooter until he actually does it…

What sets off a suicidal maniac to take as many innocent souls along with him to the afterlife as he possibly can? Is it the most extreme form of loneliness?

I just don’t get it. You hate your own life, fine… kill yourself.  But what do you possibly expect to get out of wiping out dozens of non-related folk who don’t hate their lives?

Sorry for the rant, but this subject hits home in America only because it dawned upon me how easily this guy could have set himself up to wipe out thousands of fans and even players at an NFL venue. Who the heck is doing security checks for the stadium where there is a hotel overlooking the playing field? Answer before today: nobody.

The scenario is troubling all the more because the suspect in the Las Vegas shootings appeared on the surface to have it all—multimillionaire, “successful”, attractive girlfriend, corporate winner of the American Dream challenge…

What kind of security check singles that guy out of a crowd?

Anyway, I’m devastated by the insanity of  it all, and I’m worthless tonight in reflection of it.

I don’t blame automatic weapons, either. They are necessary tools if you want to compete to win an actual war. I just don’t believe they should be available to a guy like me, or to a guy like the deranged millionaire at the Mandalay.

But money talks in America. If you can afford the $10-to-$15,000 for an automatic weapon, by George you deserve one.

This is the healing effect of Eagles football for me right now—I can rejoice and even recommend that others rejoice in the “good kind of crazy”— the crazy that running back LeGarrette Blount is producing dividends with right now.

“That dude the last two games has been like a man possessed,” center Jason Kelce said. “He’s been running hard in the first half, but as the game goes on, you can see how it wears down the defense. Arm tackles. Nothing is bringing him down in the second half. That run, the long one was incredible. I don’t even know how many tackles he broke. Four? Five? Insane. When a guy is running that hard and he’s running that well, the whole team feeds off that, especially the offensive line.”

The resurgent running game is a main reason why the Eagles have finished the first quarter of the season atop the NFC East with a 3-1 record. Should things continue to go well for the Eagles, we might look back at the Week 2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs as a turning point. Coach Doug Pederson dialed up only 13 runs that day, not one of which went to Blount. They have since dedicated to the ground game in a major way, averaging 40 rushes per game in their past two outings. Blount has had 28 carries for 203 yards in that span, and has looked pretty ticked off while doing it.

“Hell yeah, he’s been pissed off the last two weeks,” guard Brandon Brooks said. “All you’ve been hearing about is how our running game is this, how it’s struggling. It started with us picking it up up front, and then him running angry the last two weeks. It’s been incredible, it’s been unreal.”

You only wish in real life anyone with a grudge like that would deal with things in such a positive fashion. Respond with benevolent initiative, not with insane destruction.

Why doesn’t everyone blessed with life understand that? Even football players get that…


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