What Are the Benefits When Betting on Football In-Play?

What Are the Benefits When Betting on Football In-Play?


What Are the Benefits When Betting on Football In-Play?


Betting online is much different compared to 15 or so years ago. Bookmakers are all trying to compete for custom and they’ve all introduced live betting features to make that happen. All bookmakers online now give customers the chance to see what’s going on during the game, and they now have numerous market options available to give punters a choice when the game is in full flow. But, what are the benefits to betting on football in-play?

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Trade Your Position

While not all bookmakers online offer actual trading features, it’s still possible to trade on certain markets. It’s possible to bet on one market and wait a while for the odds to change to bet on the same market with better odds, giving punters the chance to make tiny amounts of profits. It is, of course, risky business, but it’s also known to be very profitable to those that know what they’re doing.

Look for More Advantages to Make Profit

Bookmakers odds and markets change during the course of the game, but not all bookmakers can acknowledge what’s going on. Therefore, if you’re watching a live football game, you can better judge what the result is going to be. For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo got injured for Real Madrid in the first half against their fierce rivals Barcelona, that would typically give Barcelona an added advantage. If you’re watching a fierce battle in midfield and you expect someone to get a red card, you’ll again, be able to better judge what the outcome of the result is going to be. Most bookmakers rely on automated software to come up with the odds for certain live betting situations, which gives you an opportunity to take advantage.

Get Your Own Opinion of the Game

The problem when looking at odds before a game is that you don’t really know how a team is going to perform on the pitch. Just because a team has won their last 5 games on the bounce doesn’t mean they’re going to be on fire during the next. Therefore, live betting will give you a chance to see the statistics of how they’re performing in-play – giving you a chance to make better decisions on real-time statistics.

More Markets to Choose From

Although there are more markets before a game starts, many more open when the game is in-play. You’ll be able to bet on different markets like “who will score within the next 5 minutes” etc. This could open more profit-making opportunities if you feel that one team has an advantage and their strike force looks the best option to go ahead in the game.

Cash Out Features

Many bookmakers now offer the cash out feature which enables punters to cash out if they don’t think their bet is going to win. For example, if a punter bets on the over 2.5 goals market and a game is currently being drawn 1-1 with 10 minutes left to play. Punters can cash out for a smaller amount or they can let the game carry on hoping there will be another goal in the mix.

Live betting is an excellent feature for online punters thanks to the above benefits. There are, of course, numerous other benefits to betting before the game gets starts, for example, access to better odds is usually formidable. However, live betting is changing the gambling industry and with more and more features expected to make an appearance, it’s only a matter of time before it flourishes once more.

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