Your Morning Dump... Where Marcus Morris won't be going to jail

Your Morning Dump... Where Marcus Morris won't be going to jail

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Your Morning Dump... Where Marcus Morris won't be going to jail


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics forward Marcus Morris and his twin brother, Markieff Morris of the Wizards, were today found not guilty of assault charges by a jury in Arizona.

The Morrises and co-defendant Gerald Bowman were each cleared on two counts of aggravated assault in connection with the beating of Erik Hood in January of 2015.

While the NBA could still levy some penalty against the Morris brothers, league sources indicated that none is expected in light of the evidence offered in the trial.

Following the verdict, Marcus Morris was asked his immediate plans and told a reporter from the Arizona Republic, “I’m going to Boston. Gonna get back with them.”

Morris, traded to the Celtics in the Avery Bradley deal to clear space for Gordon Hayward’s free agent contract, could be with the club at its next scheduled practice Thursday.


Nothing clears the mind quite like an acquittal in a criminal trial (or so I’ve heard).

And the news gets better because it appears the league won’t be taking any disciplinary action against the Morris’ twins. Although, I would support a suspension of Markieff because I just don’t like the guy (exhibit A).

It will be interesting to see how Brad Stevens works Morris into the rotation. He’s significantly behind and his competition (Aron Baynes and Daniel Theis) looked pretty good in the preseason opener.

On Page 2, Baynes’ wife heard Tommy’s comments.

Tommy set the NBA on fire with his comments about Baynes’ physique. If you think he was talking about his dong, you should see a shrink.

Props to Baynes who impressed me with his play against Charlotte. It’s refreshing to see a Celtic big dishing out punishment and not taking it (see Olynyk, Kelly).

And finally… Jae Crowder says he’s never seen anything like the Cavs culture?

“I’ve never been around anything like it,” Crowder beamed. “The energy that’s in the building, the way the guys come to work every day and work. Don’t have to ask guys to do anything. They are going to do it. I think that’s a winning atmosphere and no coincidence of this organization, these guys, being at the top of the East the last few years because of the way they work when the lights are not on.

“Something special that I’ve seen when I first came that everybody is on the same page. Get your work in and the rest will take care of itself. Never been a part of anything like it. It’s special.”

I want to get all worked up about Crowder’s comments but it’s hard to fault the guy for blatantly lying when he’s just trying to say the right things and fit in with the Cavaliers.

Let’s check in on Jae in 4-5 months after he’s been exposed to some of LeBron’s passive/aggressive leadership via social media or Dan Gilbert’s insane rants.

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