Bad bounces are a problem with Eagles fan posters as well as receivers...

Bad bounces are a problem with Eagles fan posters as well as receivers...


Bad bounces are a problem with Eagles fan posters as well as receivers...


I am at a loss to explain why one of our most venerable posters over the past decade has been bounced by the Facebook comments engine…yet again…Why? His handle is innocent-sounding enough— “Palm Feathers”… I just don’t get it.

I am working behind the scenes to get an answer to that, and hopefully a solution.

With also going to the Facebook comments format, it becomes even more problematic.

That also pretty much means our “First Poster” home run contest is becoming obsolete. Anyone with a Facebook account can pretty much jump in at any time to claim the “First”…

Until they are “Banned” by Facebook for no good reason…

Anyway, life is not always fair, but every fight should be a fair fight…

One other guy besides Palmy who’s currently going through a similar “no count” situation in the Eagles public opinion community is wide receiver Torrey Smith.

Having watched Smith’s entire career since he was a receiver at the U. of Maryland, I can tell you with authority he will eventually make big plays for this Eagles team. The problem right now is the “drops” are adding up. That is not just the product of lack of concentration or anything like that— it’s more about getting used to tracking a pass that comes out of Carson Wentz’ hand under game conditions.

It’s a subtle craft to track the depth, velocity and spin of a football thrown in competition, but even more complicated when you’re working with a new QB…

“It’s frustrating because I had a great (Training) Camp, a great offseason, period,” said Smith, who has 10 catches for 134 yards in the Eagles’ 3-1 start. “I was building off of that momentum. It wasn’t a bad start to the season versus the Skins (Smith had one reception for 30 yards on three targets in the opening-day win at Washington) and then these last few weeks I’ve left some plays on the field that really hurt us in those games.

“I’ve just got to get back on track, which I will. I’m not panicking; I’m not in the tank or anything. I’m a little embarrassed by it more than anything. It’s not the start that I wanted. I’ve let my teammates down.”

One thing that Smith is still very good at is inducing defensive PI penalties. It was his trademark in his time with the Baltimore Ravens, with whom he won a Super Bowl championship. The problem now is defensive PI is not being called as consistently as it used to be.

“I have all the confidence in the world in him,” QB Carson Wentz said. “You know, drops happen, things happen, I miss throws. The first couple of weeks I was overthrowing and then underthrowing and so those things happen. I don’t get too caught up in it.

“I talked to him today to make sure we are on the same page and we are. Those things happen. I’m always very optimistic about those things and kind of keep pressing on. At the same time, I know Torrey. I know he’s a competitor, so to some extent, you don’t talk and harp on it too much because I know he’ll take care of what he needs to take care of.”

The time for Torrey Smith to shine again could not be more appropriate than against the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. That’s because the veteran anti-Christ Larry Fitzgerald is the prototypical wide receiver bringing it for the Cardinals against us this weekend, and Fitzgerald is the player Smith modeled himself after during his collegiate and early pro career.

As far as formerly injured Eagles players go, defensive tackle Fletcher Cox continues to make his way back from a calf injury he suffered two Sundays ago. Pederson said Cox rested on Wednesday with the hopes he’ll be ready for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. Defensive tackle Tim Jernigan will also not practice Thursday with a left heel contusion. The time off is precautionary and Pederson announced Jernigan is not in any jeopardy of missing Sunday’s game.

The Eagles will, however, welcome back safety Corey Graham and cornerback Jaylen Watkins who will both practice in a limited capacity. Graham and Watkins have missed the last two games with hamstring injuries.

“We’re starting to get some guys back here this week, but it’d be a huge benefit to the defense to get Corey in there,” Pederson said. “See how he is Thursday, and if he’s ready it does give Malcolm (Jenkins) some flexibility to move down into the box and play some nickel if need be.”

Meanwhile, our local FF guys are heating up one heck of a pennant race:

BRISUKSEGG Fantasy Football Scoreboard, Week 4:

(2-2)The Don Pardo
(4-0)Brozer Eight
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:
(1-3)T BONE
(1-3)J Hop
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:
(3-1)Chris R
(2-2)Jared Nixon
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:
(1-3)Jeffrey Dotterer
(3-1)Ben Gold
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:
(2-2)Rodney Vander Veer
Top Scorer:
Top Scorer:

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