They Can Take My Bitmoji, But They Can't Take My Money

They Can Take My Bitmoji, But They Can't Take My Money

Justice is Coming

They Can Take My Bitmoji, But They Can't Take My Money


If they had won Sunday, I really think I would have gone to the game this week. It’s not as if 1-3 would have set up the Chargers for a playoff run. But at least there would be some hope. Sure, they lost by 2 to the Eagles. But it was never really that close. Philly had the ball in the red zone when they simply ran out the clock. The Bolts never led once in the entire game. In fact they haven’t led at any point THIS ENTIRE SEASON except for Week 2 against Miami. Jay Cutler came out of retirement and easily shredded the Charger D. Since he hasn’t done that since, the rest of the NFL considers him a joke. Sadly, it’s the Chargers that are the joke.

Carson Wentz is playing well, but he didn’t have to on Sunday. He was able to hit the tight end over the middle at will. It’s really sad to see. When I see the Chargers Tweet that “Gus Bradley Sets The Record Straight On Tackling Woes,” I have to roll my eyes. This is the worst tackling team in the NFL. If he can explain it, then he should be able to fix it. This isn’t the Seattle defense, I know. But they are so soft against the run, its sickening. Casey Hayward, now our shutdown corner, played great against the Eagles and it didn’t even matter.

Rivers had a nice bounce back game after throwing three picks against KC. However, the run blocking is so poor that he has no support at all. Gordon played with his knee and then had to take a seat. The “optics” were bad when Rivers started shouting into his helmet on 4th and 7 but I think he’s just sick of sucking. Lynn claimed after the game that the plan was to maybe draw Philly offsides and go on 4th and 2. Thus far, he’s showed no balls at all so I can’t trust him on that. He’s shown even less brains. When the team finally decided to bring back Novak, Lynn looked like he was being held hostage as he explained it. “For now,” he said, “we need someone with more experience.” The thing is that Koo should have been cut after Week 2. Even though he didn’t get a chance to lose another game after that, the message to the rest of the team might have been sent. Were these the big moves Lynn suggested were coming after 0-4?


Believe me, it’s hard to not go on Sunday. But this team just isn’t worth it. I’m not becoming a fan of another club, but I can’t take a Sunday to watch this in person. NFL tickets are crazy expensive as well. There were a few articles this week about how Spanos will make money regardless. Forbes, The Ringer, and SB Nation had a few good ones.

I even saw that The Sign Guy, who accosted Dean at the initial press conference in LA, was on ESPN’s Outside The Lines with Bob Ley. He’s raised 15 grand to fly a plane over the stadium on Sunday and all home games. If the Chargers didn’t suck so bad right now I don’t know if the other stuff would get so much press. I agree with Joey Bosa that they’d have some fans if they weren’t 0-4. I still can’t believe I’ve gone from being the guy who flew to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship to one who won’t go to the nearest possible stadium on Columbus Day Weekend. That’s what the Bolts have done to me. I’ll still be watching, but not really getting too invested. If they had won a few games, it might be different. But they haven’t so it’s not.


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