Colts Scout Team QB Shows Promise

Colts Scout Team QB Shows Promise


Colts Scout Team QB Shows Promise


His name is Andrew Luck. You might’ve heard about him.

“Andrew Luck is practicing with the scout team,” is a sentence I never thought I’d have to write, but here we are. According to a man who has no business coaching a professional football team Chuck Pagano, Luck will get reps with the scout team and work his way back into game shape from there. The Colts also tweeted a video of the franchise quarterback throwing bombs

Here’s Luck on how his shoulder feels, “It feels different, like it’s still finding its way a little bit again. And so certain things feel better, some things (still feel like) it’s finding its way. It’s a process and we’re still in the process of getting it where it needs to be.”

That Luck is throwing at practice, even in a limited capacity, is fantastic news. Just don’t expect him to make his season debut before November. As painful as the wait has been, Luck shouldn’t take the field until he’s 100% ready to go. The Colts sit at 2-3 with serviceable backup quarterback (read: trade asset) and play in by-far the worst division in the NFL. There’s no reason to rush Luck back; but there is maybe, just maybe, a reason to hope.

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