The Least in the East. Bruins Lose.

The Least in the East. Bruins Lose.


The Least in the East. Bruins Lose.


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Well that sucked!

Like that really sucked.

There’s two possible things at play here:

  1. Colorado isn’t as bad as we thought they were.
  2. The Bruins are worse than we expected.


There’s not much to be happy about when it comes to last night’s Bruins game. If you expected a recap last night, you must be on some of that Miami Dolphins cocaine because a midnight recap was not happening. I really have nothing to talk about here. It’s hard to gauge who this Bruins team is without Patrice Bergeron.

When your first line center is injured, the optimal solution is your second line center moves up to the first line and your third line center moves up to the second. You should believe that your second line center is good enough to play with your first line wingers. You hope that your third line center is average at best to get you through. That’s not happening in Boston.

While Ryan Spooner was better last night in the first line role, he still isn’t adequate enough to run with Marchand and Pastrnak. Really, the only non-Patrice Bergeron guy who can run with them is David Krejci but the Bruins are terrified of moving Krejci away from the second line (seemingly). Until Prince Pretty is back in the lineup, Boston is probably going to be the worst of the two teams in most games.

Going into this week, I would have told you the Bruins could have gone 3-1 with a loss to Vegas. I didn’t think Colorado would be this good or even remotely adequate. I thought they’d be a close-to-carbon copy of the team they were last season. They’re not – at least in four games this season.

This recap isn’t going to be long. I don’t have much to say (I think).

Battle Level

You have to hand it to the Bruins, they tried to come back from a 4-1 hole. I mean, they didn’t, but it was a nice thought in the third period.

Tuukka Rask

Another poor game for Tuukka Rask. After three games, the “Trade Tuukka” seagulls are back advocating that trading Tuukka Rask would be the best thing for this Bruins team. I disagree wholeheartedly and I’ll have a post up later this afternoon explaining why using everyone’s favorite thing in the world:


But Tuukka was really bad last night.

I’m not making excuses for it. He was dreadful which is a shame because his numbers before Monday’s tilt with Colorado was good. But now? 1-6-1, 2.35 GAA and a .919 SV%.

Average at best.

Defensive coverage

Mother fucking Trumpcare has more coverage than the Boston Bruins defense. There were so many coverage gaps last night you would have thought the Avalanche were on rocket skates. I’m not sure what was happening, but that defense looked lost.

I tried to watch the game and write down the segments were defensive lapses led to prime scoring chances and I just gave up because there was too many. It was not pretty and if that type of play is indicative of the season we’re going to get – the Bruins may as well be on Trumpcare because they’re dead in the water.

Bergeron (and to lesser extent Backes) being back will help defensively. You don’t win multiple Selke Trophies just because your dreamy. Look at Johnathan Toews. He won a Selke and he looks like a god damn foot.

Western hockey start times

I’m tired you guys.

Who the fuck is this Bruins team?

When is Bergeron coming back?




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