Cardinals Looking For Bullpen Help While Cubs Return to NLCS

Cardinals Looking For Bullpen Help While Cubs Return to NLCS

St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals Looking For Bullpen Help While Cubs Return to NLCS


I guess I could talk about this…

According to an article by Jon Heyman, Holland will opt out of his 15M player option for 2018 and seek a contract in the same 4-year/62M range that Mark Melancon recently got from the Giants.

But if I did talk about that, then I’d remember how the Giants went from an 87-75  team in 2016 to a 64-98 team in 2017 by eschewing a big bat last off-season and concentrating on expensive bullpen help and I’d get sad.

Maybe the Cardinals are hot on Holland and Mr. Nightengale has a well-placed source on Clark Street telling him the team is going to make bullpen help their top off-season priority.

Maybe Scott Boras (Holland’s agent) called Mr. Nightengale and told him that the Cardinals were interested to send a negotiating salvo to another team(s) through the media.

Maybe both things are true.

Maybe neither are true.

But the fact still remains that we’re over here talking about possible bullpen help when the Cubs are out in the world doing things.

Big things:

If you’re scoring at home, that’s three straight years the Cubs are going to the NLCS.

Each playoff game this Cubs team plays together makes them more confident; tougher for the Cardinals to beat. Iron sharpens iron.

And we’re all like:

I’m just a stooge on the internet, so take my advice with a grain of salt…

But I really think that the Cardinals should consider acquiring a really good hitter this off-season.

And maybe think about doing that before possibly spending 16M+ annually on a relief pitcher.

Just a thought. I’m probably wrong.

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