Indians Fan Starts GoFundMe to Remove Tattoo

Indians Fan Starts GoFundMe to Remove Tattoo

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Indians Fan Starts GoFundMe to Remove Tattoo


I’m sure it seemed like a good thing at the time, but, as the saying goes…all good things must come to an end.

Inspired by the Cleveland Indians sixth-straight failed effort to close out a playoff game, Tribe fan David Allen is asking for help in getting rid of his Chief Wahoo tattoo.

Following Cleveland’s loss Wednesday night, Allen started an online fundraiser, hoping to raise the money necessary to rid the toothy, red-faced visage from his body.

“As a dumb 18-year-old, I had no idea the logo represented a white man’s twisted view of a Native American,” the Erie native wrote. “Little did I know this was would turn out to be worse than a tramp stamp. I have lived in shame both from the worry of offending someone and from embarrassing Indians play over the years. I’ve had enough. Help me right this wrong by donating a few bucks that will put towards removing this travesty from my body once and for all.”


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