Just To End Up Caught In A Dream Where Everything Goes Wrong

Just To End Up Caught In A Dream Where Everything Goes Wrong

Justice is Coming

Just To End Up Caught In A Dream Where Everything Goes Wrong


The last time the Chargers played in NJ against the Giants I had hop on a bus in the middle of the fourth quarter to catch Springsteen’s first-ever performance of the full River album. If you were a JIC reader back then you knew that I struggled with the decision but eventually decided that as long as the Bolts won it would be OK. Yeah, I used to think that I had some effect on the outcomes. But when I boarded the bus back to Port Authority after Rivers threw a late pick, I knew there was a slim chance that the Chargers might come back. I had an AM portable radio in hand and listened in a bus full of celebrating Giants fans. As I realized that we were storming back to win, they were blissfully unaware. Technology wasn’t what it is now. Getting to see them slowly discover the truth was priceless.

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But 2017 is different for so many other reasons besides the speed of internet communications. The Chargers, as Sports Illustrated wrote this, are “nobody’s team.” But if they had beaten Philly, I still would have gone on Sunday. The Eagles look like a very good team right now, but they didn’t need to be against the Bolts. Neither did the Queefs, who are still undefeated. That’s the issue.

During the first half, I Tweeted that the Bolts looked like the worst team I had ever watched. Worse than the 1-15 team of 2000, I was asked? Yes, for the simple reason that this team has talent. Of course, none of that talent appears to be on either line. It’s amazing how Telesco has overhauled the guys up front two consecutive years and they still can’t run block. Last year they were the biggest group in the NFL and still sucked. Okung appears to be the best of the bunch, but was still probably not worth his free agent deal. Rivers has not been sacked all that much but that is skewed from the amount of throwaways he’s had. He got one intentional grounding and almost another on Sunday. Of course, there was also that shitshow of a safety.

But Phil had a pretty good game beyond the end zone pick. Maybe he should have gone to the screen to Gordon which worked for two TDs. The pass to Henry was sweet, especially since it was straight into double coverage. What made me say they were the worst team I’d ever seen was the fact that they hung around with a team with guys getting hurt every second and a stadium full of fans booing them. Every time the Chargers looked to be pulling away, they’d do something stupid to let the Giants back in. The penalties are beyond stupid. It took the forced fumble from Ingram and Rivers finding Gordon on 3rd and goal to pull it out. They somehow let Beckham get open even though he was gimpy to begin with. I can’t watch Addae try to lay the boom on every play as opposed to actually trying to tackle someone for a loss or dislodge the ball. If he’d been the reason Beckham got hurt, we’d never hear the end of it. He sure does post a lot of pictures of himself and his girlfriend, though.


I also Tweeted that after we lost, the Gordon stiff-arm would still be sent out by the Chargers in a some e-mail blast. The fact that they sent an expired coupon after the game was just the latest in a line of social media miscues. At least when they wished Mike Williams a happy birthday this time they admitted that they fucked up on the first try. Speaking of Williams, it will be interesting to see what he does this weekend. No matter how bad this team looks, it’s still Raider Week. Keenan Allen seemed pretty absent last week. He had some drops, as did Gates.

Gordon, of course, was amazing. Imagine if he had any blocking at all. But what impressed me the most about him was that he didn’t fumble. I didn’t want to jinx him during the game, but he was taking some ridiculous hits. It was just like Mathews at the end of 2013. With Oliver out, we saw some more of Ek-el-er (Ian Eagle gave him an extra syllable apparently) and maybe the bigger sample size explained why he wasn’t that highly touted.

But as I said, it’s still Raider week. Derek Carr is back but rushing the passer is still the only thing we do well. Stopping the run, not so much. I’ll be watching as I assume you will too.

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Bolt up or shut up I suppose.

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