Game Day 5: Keep On Rollin' Through The Desert

Game Day 5: Keep On Rollin' Through The Desert


Game Day 5: Keep On Rollin' Through The Desert


It was great to see the Bruins handily beat a team that they should, so lets see if they can do it again.  The Golden Showers Knights have been playing well, but eventually the overall lack of talent on the roster has to catch up with them.

One intriguing aspect to tonight is that Malcolm Subban is a possibility to start tonight.  No official word yet, but wouldn’t that be interesting?  Can’t wait to see what happens on social media if the Bruins lose to him.


Boston: 2-2-0
Vegas: 3-1-0

Leading Scorers:

Boston: Brad Marchand (3G, 3Pts)
Vegas: James Neal (6G, 6Pts)


P. Bergeron (LBI) 😦
D. Backes: (Diverticulitis) 😮
N. Acciari:  (Finger Fracture) :-/

C. Stoner (Abdomen)
M. Grabovski (Post-concussion syndrome)
R. Duke (Shoulder)
D. Clarkson (Back)

Where To Watch:

Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub (BOS), KRLV (VGK)
Streaming: There’s a few places online where you can find games, but /r/puckstreams and /r/nhlstreams are your best places.

Random Thoughts:

Seriously, what is up with the Golden Knights mascot? I know it’s a gila monster, but come on.  It looks like the bastard offspring of Agumon from Digimon, Sandshrew from Pokemon, and The Thing from the unreleased 90s Fantastic Four movie.

Sunday night games are tough.  Personally, I work early on Mondays, so I do a lot of my drinking earlier in the day during football.  Once we get to the night time, I like to coast with a few sessions.  I’ve yet to find a session IPA that I absolutely love, but my favorite is probably Stone To Go IPA.

It’s the closest to a full IPA I’ve found so far, with a strong hop character and only 4.8% ABV.  Admittedly I may be pickier than some, because I prefer the IPAs that taste like a freshly mowed lawn.

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