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Should Yanks extend Girardi’s contract?

Despite the on-field success of the New York Yankees this season, Joe Girardi has had his fair share of questionable managerial decisions. This includes batting order, concerns on the basepaths , and lack of challenging calls at the plate. However, some of those aren’t entirely all his fault but since he is in charge of all those things we are quick to blame the man in charge. Speculation has intensified especially in the second half of the season whether the organization should extend his contract since it expires at the end of the baseball season.

Personally, regardless of the way the season ends for the Yankees should have no profound effect on the process should they decide to let Joe go or resign him . Some would say it’s time to start fresh and hire someone outside of the organization with its own set of pros and cons. The argument can also be made that since its such a younger team and he does not exactly manage younger players the way that others would is also a question to consider when the season ends. No matter the result this should make for a interesting offseason for the club and will be the highlight for months to come.

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