Colts should just shut down Andrew Luck for the season

Colts should just shut down Andrew Luck for the season

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Colts should just shut down Andrew Luck for the season


On Wednesday, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was shutdown after experiencing soreness in his throwing shoulder.

Luck, who hasn’t played a single down the entire year, was never placed on injured reserve, which had some questioning the Colts logic. Even a temporary IR would have allowed for his return while opening a roster spot, but the Colts never did it.

They pulled the trigger on a trade with the Patriots eight days before the season opener, landing Jacoby Brissett, who has played well, especially when you consider that he’s still learning about the playbook, and oh yeah, his teammates.

Indy sits at 2-4 with Brissett, one game back from first place in the AFC South.

So as Brissett continues to play, and play well enough, and coinciding with Luck being shut down temporarily, the Colts ought to just make the call most people believe is long overdue- shut down Andrew Luck for the season.

It’s the smart move to make. He’s the franchise, so why keep toiling with fan’s emotions and teasing of a possible return when the simple truth is, it’s not worth it. Not right now, not this season.

The Colts have a chance to make a run at the playoff with their current team, there’s no sense in trying to rush Andrew Luck back, and risk further injury.

I get the understanding by the Colts in holding off on Luck, anything is possible. Indy may end up contending for the division late in December, and perhaps No. 12 is ready to roll by then, giving the Colts a chance to compete for a Super Bowl in a year when the Patriots don’t look as strong as they have before.

But at the same time, think of how Dallas mishandled Tony Romo back in 2015, rushing him back from a shoulder injury, only to lose him for the year on Thanksgiving Day.

It wasn’t necessary then for Dallas, and it shouldn’t be necessary now for the Colts. The NFL gets deprived of seeing Luck bark signals for the year, but it’s a necessary evil that could pan out in the long run.

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