We are one hour post-game and I’m having problems sorting through what exactly went wrong.

Could it be Torey Krug not knowing his arse from a hole in the ground?

Could it be Anton Khudobin making a right royal mess out there in net?

Could it be that their hearts were 2 sizes too small?

It’s hard to say where the sole fault lies, but tonight was such a disappointing result after what appeared to be an excellent beginning.

The Bruins were somehow beaten by the Buffalo Sabres tonight in an overtime that never should have happened. Going into the second period the Bruins were up 2-0 after David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand scored their first goals of the evening. Carrying on into the second, this dynamic duo managed to score another goal each bringing the Bruins total up to 4. The Sabres scored two goals in the second as well, but entering the third period two goals up was an okay place to be in. Or so I thought anyway.

Somehow in the third period, the Sabres managed to score again and then again, forcing the overtime. Some fuckery happened in the third period leading to the Sabres final goal of the night giving them the win. This last goal was challenged by Cassidy, but the challenge wasn’t successful and in the end the Sabres managed to come from behind and take the win.

That’s it. That’s the basics of what happened. I still can’t believe it myself. When they tied it up late in the third I yelled NOOOOOOOO so loud that my cats all got scared and my dog was very concerned for my well being. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that place.

Let’s unpack some feelings.

It’s so tempting to simply say NOTHING and pout a little bit but there were some definite good things about tonight that need to be discussed.

David Pastrnak is building quite a season for himself. He scored two goals tonight bringing his season total to 6 goals in 7 games. We are blessed to have this kid on our team and even though he’s starting to look more like a PreciousAngelTeenager, he’s still a child to me.

We also can’t talk about positives without talking about everyone’s favorite pest, Bradley Kevin Marchand.

I know we use this image a lot but it’s so perfect so deal with it. Marchand is also building a pretty great season for himself so far. He also scored two goals tonight and currently sits with 6 for the season with 7 games played. If he can keep this sort of production going as the season continues unfolding he’s in for a hefty points total by the end.

Patrice Bergeron. Darling. Sunshine. My Sun and Stars. Moon of My Life. I love you. While Patrice didn’t have the greatest game ever tonight, he didn’t have the worst one either. In a game where so much went wrong, the consistency he brings to the ice was appreciated. Never go away again, you beautiful magic man.

-Anton Khudobin. While his game started off okay, by the third period the wheels had fallen off the wagon. The third period in particular was pretty horrendous, but even more than that I’m very tired of people saying that he’s number one goalie material.

I don’t even have the patience and/or time to go into why and how you all are so wrong because I feel like every single time Khudobin plays a game some of y’all call for Tuukka’s head on a goddamn platter and I stand on my soapbox and scream about how Tuukka is a good goalie and you schlubs should be happy we have someone as good as him in net and blah blah blah but it doesn’t really matter. The fact of the matter is that I just wasted hours of my life watching Khudobin flail around in the crease and I just don’t have the willpower to entertain this so-called “goalie controversy” anymore tonight. Sorry, not sorry.

-Torey Krug apparently forgot how to hockey tonight as well. I mean, I will fully admit that had Krug not put himself in places where he should not have been perhaps the outcome would have been different? Getting between the goalie and the puck careening for the net is okay IF you stop the puck. If the puck flies right underneath your warm little body and ends up in the back of the net that’s your fault. For an example of exactly what I am talking about, I invite you to peruse this:

Yeah. That’s not a good look for you. What are you trying to do there?

In addition to this little nonsense, Krug made a mistake leading to the Sabres winning goal in overtime when he pushed a dude onto Khudobin, thus hindering Khudobin’s ability to stop the puck. This was the move that Cassidy tried to challenge but the final decision was that Krug pushed the Sabres dude (I can’t even remember who, it doesn’t matter, fight me) into the goalie therefore good goal.

-So many missing in action players tonight. I think I saw Frank Vatrano maybe once. Same with Beleskey. I didn’t even realize Paul Postma was there. I guess I was just hoping for Paulie P (which I assume is his rap name) to make some sort of impact out there but sadly he did not. Was he bad? Nah. Was he good? Nope. Know what he was?

Just like the rest of the guys on the team, I suppose.

-Is David Krejci okay? He was a game time decision for this evening and the decision ended up being “NOPE.” I’m hoping to see David #1 next game, he’s been doing relatively well so far this season.

-I never thought I’d say this either but: Is Kevan Miller also okay? He was also missing tonight with an undisclosed injury that was apparently a game time decision for the team. Can this team ever just be healthy enough to play?

-Also unknown? What this team really is. We talked about it in most recent episode of The Optional Skate and I sincerely can’t say that I have a grasp on what kind of team this is this season yet. There are far too many injuries and missing bodies to get a real idea of the situation presently. I’m hopeful though. I’m not on the drama llama just yet, it’ll take a few more ugly and frustrating games for that to happen. I’m just unsure.

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