John Wall states he'll take 'no mercy' on Lonzo Ball

John Wall states he'll take 'no mercy' on Lonzo Ball


John Wall states he'll take 'no mercy' on Lonzo Ball


LaVar Ball may have put his son, Lonzo, in a difficult situation heading into Wednesday’s game against the Wizards.

Ball poked the bear known as John Wall on Monday, when he said the Wizards had “better beware” of Lonzo.

That didn’t sit well in the Wizards locker room, with Marcin Gortat being the first one to laugh off Ball’s comments.

Wall, on the other hand, didn’t seem to find it as funny.

“Nah, no mercy,” Wall said, via Candace Buckner of The Washington Post. “Certain matchups you really get up for. Like when you play [Golden State Warriors guard] Steph [Curry], you definitely want to have a good game. I’m playing against [Ball]. [Wizards center Marcin Gortat] said what he said about me. I didn’t say anything. His dad has been talking. … That makes me want to go out there and lead my team and play the best I can play.”

Ball vs Wall is easily the best matchup in tonight’s slate of NBA games. I think we know who’s going to come out on top, but we’ll tune in to find out.

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