These Dodgers Pins Are Weird, Right?

These Dodgers Pins Are Weird, Right?

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These Dodgers Pins Are Weird, Right?


Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros kicked off a World Series that was years in the making.

Four years to be exact.

Prior to Game One at Dodger Stadium, members of the press were presented with a pin celebrating Los Angeles making their way back to baseball’s grandest stage. A pretty cool gesture, right?

There was just one problem.


Do you see it?

That’s right…made in 2013.

A quick reminder about that year.

The Dodgers weren’t in the World Series in 2013…it was the St. Louis Cardinals. Sure, sure, Los Angeles lost to the eventual National League champs (Boston would win the World Series) in the NLCS, but it wassn’t even like the Dodgers were the top team in their own league. With a 92-70 record, they entered postseason play with the fourth best record in the senior circuit.

So all this begs the question…where did these things come from?


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