Game Day 8: Bad Fish

Game Day 8: Bad Fish


Game Day 8: Bad Fish


Tonight the struggling Bruins take on a struggling Sharks team.  With the way San Jose has been playing, they’re very beatable, but y’know the thing about the Sharks? They’ve got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When they comes at ya, don’t seem to be livin’… until they score on ya. And those black eyes roll over white, and then… oh, then you hear the fan’s terrible high-pitch screamin’, and then the Garden goes silent, and spite of all the skatin’ and the grindin’, they all come in and they… rip you to pieces.


Boston: 3-3-1
San Jose: 4-4-0

Leading Scorers:

Boston: Brad Marchand (6G, 11Pts)
San Jose: Logan Couture (7G, 10Pts)


Noel Acciari: Fractured finger- IR
Ryan Spooner: Right groin adductor tear- DTD
Tuukka Rask: Bjork Bombed (Concussion)- DTD
A. McQuaid: Broken right fibula- IR
D. Krejci: Upper-body injury- WTW
K. Miller: Hand- DTD

San Jose:
R. Chartier: Concussion- IR
P. Martin: Ankle- IR

There are talks that Rask may play tonight, so thats nice at least. Unless you’re one of those fools that prefers Dobby the house elf.

Where To Watch:

Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub (BOS), 98.5 K-FOX (SJS)
Streaming: There’s a few places online where you can find games, but /r/puckstreams and /r/nhlstreams are your best places.

Random Thoughts:

Are Burns and Pavelski’s scoring issues this year due to a lack of FINish? Do they need to MAKO effort to score more, or just PREY that their shots find the net? Maybe it’s due to conditioning and they need to work on their speed, strength and aGILLity.

Tried something brand new this week and decided to take do it in video form.  This was very last minute and unscripted.  Let us know if this is an idea you like.

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