Did Yuli Gurriel Mock Yu Darvish?

Did Yuli Gurriel Mock Yu Darvish?

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Did Yuli Gurriel Mock Yu Darvish?


It didn’t take long for the Houston Astros to get back into the swing of things Friday night.

Yuli Gurriel was the first of four Astros to cross the plate against Yu Darvish in the second inning of Game Three of the World Series, but it was what he did after hitting a home run off the Los Angeles Dodger pitcher that has people talking.

Yup, that’s the rookie slugger apparently making a less than flattering gesture upon returning to the bench…but that’s not all.

While “little Chinese boy” is relatively tame (also, it’s worth mentioning…Darvish is from Japan), mocking anyone’s nationality is more than low brow.

Now, while some might argue (and they are) that Gurriel didn’t know his antics were unacceptable because he’s Cuban and this is his first full year in the States, consider this…dude played part of the 2014 season for the Yokohama Bay Stars and I’m guessing stuff like that doesn’t fly there either.


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