Well Hello Mr. Heinen! BRUINS WIN!!!

Well Hello Mr. Heinen! BRUINS WIN!!!


Well Hello Mr. Heinen! BRUINS WIN!!!


Last night the Bruins beat the Sharks 2-1 in a game where not much happened. I’ve been trying to do a recap of events before getting into the other sections, but I’m struggly with it so let’s just dive right into those, shall we?

-Danton Heinen. In a heroic return to the big club, Danton Heinen scored two goals last night. The significance of those two goals? Well, they were the only goals the Bruins got last night. The other important part to note is that the first goal he scored in the evening was also his first NHL goal. I love hockey firsts and it’s even better when it’s a kid just called up from the AHL to cover while someone is out with injury.

I was going to call Heinen a real American hero, but then I realized he’s a product of Langley, British Columbia. A real Canadian hero, that Danton Heinen is.

-Also having one hell of a night was Anton Khudobin. Khudobin managed to stop 36 of 37 shots last night and did some pretty excellent work out there during crunch times. Late in the third period, Brandon Carlo got a penalty and the Sharks started putting some real pressure on the Bruins in a bid to tie things up, but Khudobin made some beautiful saves to keep the lead and get the win.

These two clips from NHL.com show what Dobby was all about last night:

If Danton Heinen is a real Canadian Hero then Anton Khudobin is a real Kazakhstani hero.

-I’ve got to give some credit to Zdeno Chara as well. Even though he’s a huge dude he can sometimes be missing out there, if that makes any sense. Last night was not that situation for Mr. Chara though as he played some immense minutes and made some great plays. My personal favorite part of the evening? Chara looking like the big kid at the playground pushing Tomas Hertl down on his bum in front of the net late in the third to prevent Hertl from trying to get a puck from underneath Khudobin. Looked like a big kid telling his little brother to stop being a pest and leave them alone.


-I’m sure there was a couple more good things out there last night, but these are the three that are popping into my head at the moment. Charlie McAvoy had a pretty decent night and Frank Vatrano also played very well out there as well, but really it was just nice to see the team get a win given the Buffalo shitshow we were treated to lsat game. Always in flux, this team is. Channeling Yoda, I am.

-Sean Kuraly had such a rough night out there you guys. He played only 4 minutes as 26 seconds of the game before he saw his arse glued to the bench for the entire third period after he took 3 rather silly minor penalties. You just can’t do that kind of stuff and expect to be able to play more game, kid.

-Joe Thornton got the only goal for the Sharks, but also he tried to start some shit in the third that was pretty ridiculous. Essentially what happened was (and keep in mind that this is literally MY INTERPRETATION of what happened), Khudobin was watching for the puck and ended up tucking himself inside the corner of the net, losing his balance, falling over his own feet and knocking the net off it’s posts. Thornton, and likely numerous Sharks fans, got heated as he believed that Khudobin knocked the net off on purpose to relieve the pressure the Sharks were putting on the net. I unfortunately don’t have a gif or anything of this to share at the moment, but if you can find one and are super concerned about this bit of nothing please watch it again and watch Khudobin’s body positioning in the net at this point in time of the game.

Also, as evidence of Khudobin’s propensity for being a clumsy monster, I present what I am calling Exhibit A:

-Goalie controversy.

-NHL Gamecentre and Rogers NHL Live for making me miss literally the first half of the game and for making me have to get up early on a day off to watch the part I missed so I could finish this recap in case something big happened and I missed it. I pay good goddamn money for your service, there’s no reason it should just be a bag of dicks as often as it is. Get your shit together.

-How’s Krejci doing?

-If Danton Heinen continues playing like he did last night, does he get to stay up? If he does, who goes down?

-Will we get to see how good it feels to have both a solid starting goalie and a solid back up sometime this season?

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