Game Day 9: The Kings Ride North

Game Day 9: The Kings Ride North


Game Day 9: The Kings Ride North


I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this will be the toughest team the Bruins have faced so far.  The Kings have 1 regulation loss in 10 games.  They are 4th in the league in Goals For and 1st in Goals Against. Whereas the Bruins are….not.

However, I DID pick the Bruins to win both games this week on the most recent The Optional Skate (available now for Patreon subscribers), and I stand by that.

Also, no confirmation, but word on the street is that Rask is starting tonight.


Boston: 4-3-1
Los Angeles: 8-1-1

Leading Scorers:

Boston: Brad Marchand (6G, 11Pts)
Los Angeles: Anze Kopitar (7G, 12Pts)


N. Acciari: Fractured finger- IR
R. Spooner: Right groin adductor tear- DTD
A. McQuaid: Broken right fibula- IR
D. Krejci: Upper-body injury- WTW

Los Angeles:
M. Gaborik: Knee- IR
K. Clifford: UBI- IR
J. Carter: Ankle- IR

Where To Watch:

Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub (BOS), 790 KABC (LAK)
Streaming: There’s a few places online where you can find games, but /r/puckstreams and /r/nhlstreams are your best places.

Random Thoughts:

Keeping this one real simple:

Holy shit, Mike Cammalleri is still in the league???

Allow me to spin you a tale of a young man, innocent, and inexperienced in the ways of the world.  It was a crisp, cool fall evening.  I was at a bar, hockey was on the TV, and the Corona and Miller Light were flowing like water.  But somewhere deep inside me, not unlike the Little Mermaid, I wanted mooooooorrrrre.

I grabbed the beer list and looked at some of those craft beers that seemed to be all the rage.  Instantly I was overwhelmed, flustered, nervous even.  But then Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA caught my eye.  It was new, uncharted waters for me.  I had always thought that craft IPAs were only for pretentious cunts… and I admit that I still do; except now I can acknowledge that I too am a pretentious cunt.  Anyways, I took my first sip of that wonderful hop bomb and a whole new world was opened to me.

Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA took my craft beer cherry.  Even now, after countless partners, I still look back fondly on it.  Not because it was my best, but my first.  It was kind, gentle, and made me feel safe.  At 6.0% ABV, it was tender enough to ease me in, but still with enough force to make me feel alive.

Flash forward many years later, here I am.  Over 500 unique beers on Untapped and growing (still small potatoes, I know).  Look me up, RobbPizzDOY.

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