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What was so crazy about Sunday’s shutout of the Broncos was that the Chargers could have won by so much more. The four straight runs to Gordon on the goal line didn’t bother me. How many times have we seen the Bolts get too cute down there instead of just punching it in? It was clear from that sequence that Gordon wasn’t healthy. I know the TV crew said Watt missed his guy and that Lynn was livid at Gordon regardless. But normally Gordon can get in from the 1-foot line which was where they were after the PI penalty. I’ve been begging for Mathews and Gordon to get it each and every time. In fact, I can’t remember when they ran it four times in a row last. Under McCoy, they probably wouldn’t even have gone on 4th. As long as you aren’t running a play that allows you to get tackled for a loss, I have no problem with them handing it off.

Of course, there were also two dropped interceptions by the Chargers. Toomer’s was bad but Brown’s was worse. But there was a ton to be happy about in the game because none of this ended up mattering. The pass rush got all the attention, as it should have. But the run defense holding up is what is most impressive. The tackling seemed better, even though one long pass from Siemian was called back after a penalty. You can de-legitmize this game as you could have the last—Denver’s slipping, blah, blah. But the Chargers needed that game (as they will almost every one after an 0-4 start) and they took it. Normally, they don’t. Usually “taking care of business” at home isn’t something they do well. This was the same QB that beat them in Week One. The penalty on Ingram was bullshit, and I rarely say that. As someone pointed out on Twitter, the only thing Melvin did wrong was not get blocked. I have deservedly criticized Ingram for being a “me” guy who doesn’t finish sacks. But after signing his new deal (it usually has the opposite effect on guys), he’s been unstoppable. This of course makes Bosa all that more dangerous. Corey Liuget being out didn’t really matter since Liuget doesn’t really matter.


So up come the Pats, who have never lost to Rivers. Of course, his first game against them should have been a win on 1/14/07. We don’t need to rehash that. Do the Chargers have a chance to win? I think they do, although I’m a little more guarded in my optimism than most. I think those that have suffered through all the losses are understandably less confident. It’s good to see Hunter Henry get more targets, although I’m not sure why it took this long. Mike Williams had an awful drop on what would have been a sure 1st down. Inman was traded to Chicago this week, so clearly Telesco isn’t that worried about depth in the receiving corps. The 7th round pick in return from the Bears seems a little light, but with Inman’s contract expiring they may not have had too many options. Lynn’s comment that he should go somewhere he has a chance to play is hopefully just spin. This isn’t a fucking puppy we’re giving away; I don’t care if he finds a nice home.

Is this a game the Chargers usually win? Of course not. I was at their last win at Foxboro in 2005. It was the first time I realized how many other Boltheads were out there. I purchased the tickets from then-VP Jim Steeg and ended up hanging out with fellow Charger fans. I went with my dad and one of the things I’ll miss most about him was that he’d go somewhere and do something just to spend time with me. That included going to both a Dead show and a Bob Weir solo performance.


You’ll remember that was the game where Brees and LT destroyed the Pats and Marty tried to pay New England a compliment by saying it wasn’t the team they usually play. Of course, Bill and Brady made turned it into motivation and spouted that Marty had no business talking about them, blah, blah. The guy just couldn’t catch a break. He couldn’t win for losing, that’s for sure.

The Bolts will need to play way, way, better than last week to win. I disagree with those that say it isn’t a must win. 3-5 going into the bye with Jacksonville on the other side is way, way different than 4-4 after a huge upset. Novak hurt his ankle, apparently? That’s scary since every little bit will count. The Chargers seem to have a little swagger about them. There’s a fine line between that and arrogance. The basic difference is whether you bolt up or shut up. Trevor Williams has been impressive although I’m sure Brady will test him. New England’s thing is taking away whatever you do well. Therefore, I’m sure Bosa and Ingram will be negated at all cost. But will some guy like McCain or Philon step up? That’s what will be the key.

I just bought a ticket for the X-Mas Eve game against the Jets so I’m hoping the #FightForreLAvancy is still raging then. It’s sad to say, but at least this team has something to play for in the last week of October.

Ok, well that guy dies right after that in Troy but you know my point.

Rise and shine, Boltheads. Time to fuck shit up.


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