Bills - Jets Predictions with @rcanepac, @evancdent, @mmigliore, @mack10zie and @husaria!

Bills - Jets Predictions with @rcanepac, @evancdent, @mmigliore, @mack10zie and @husaria!

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Bills - Jets Predictions with @rcanepac, @evancdent, @mmigliore, @mack10zie and @husaria!


Tonight’s game can get the Bills to 6-2 at the halfway point of the season. Can they pull it out? See what our staff thinks and find out!

Mike Migliore (@mmigliore) 5-2

In just five weeks, the script has completely flipped on this 2017 Bills season. We went from talking about tanking and college quarterbacks in August to playoff seedings and (gulp) a division title in November. This is all so crazy and I’m not sure that I, the Buffalo Sports Fan, am prepared to handle it. I’m used to the season being essentially over by Thanksgiving.

Last year, I vacationed in Siesta Key the week after the Bills’ October loss in Miami. They were 4-3 at the time. I chatted up a waiter at dinner one night and mentioned I was visiting from Buffalo. He (of course) brought up the Bills and mentioned that they were having a pretty good season. I snapped back that they were done with sure losses coming up against the Patriots and Seahawks (I was right). This forgone conclusion that each Bills’ season will end in calamity is something I and every other Bills fan will have to fight as the rest of this season unfolds.

The 5-2 record of course brings back memories of 2011, when things unraveled in spectacular fashion after a start that included memorable wins against the Raiders, Patriots, and Eagles. The slide started with an early November loss to the Jets. The Bills finished 6-10. You can understand why I would be apprehensive about this game Thursday at MetLife.

Bills, I beg you: for my sanity and the sanity of everyone else in this playoff-starved town, please win this game Thursday and let us dream big, even if it’s just for a little while. They will be 6-2 at the halfway point for the first time since a 7-1 start in 1993 (1993!!!). At that point, a .500 second half probably gets you into the playoffs, something most of us thought impossible back in August. Take care of business against the Jets, who are playing teams tough, but are still bad. The Jets are giving up 128 rushing yards per game. McCoy should cook again. The Jets have turned the ball over at least once in every game so far this season, so it’s likely the Bills continue their remarkable streak of turnover luck.

A loss here probably sends us all back to our “same old Bills” mindset. 5-3 doesn’t look that much different from other seasons in this drought (2002, 2008, 2011, 2014). November will let us know if things truly are different this year.

Prediction: Bills 23, Jets 17

Evan, (@evancdent) 3-4. Jets 27 – Bills 21

Like last week, I’ll be happy if I’m wrong. Too many memories of Bills teams falling short after hot starts to trust them now. The Jets are better than anyone expected, and I see them pulling out a wacky Thursday night win, sending Buffalo into a panic with the extra long break before the next game. Everything is pointing to a Bills win – momentum, Shady going against a poor run defense, an opposing quarterback who isn’t especially careful with the ball — but I’m getting a bad feeling about this one.

Mike McKenzie (@mack10zie) 3-4.

It seems quite clear I don’t know what to make of this team so far this year. With the exception of last week every game is been fairly close. In a normal week I definitely like them over the Jets. On a short week as a road team it does worry me a little bit. I do think the bills are a better team and the jets and finishing out the first half of the season at six and two seems extremely doable.

Bills 24 Jets 16

Ricardo Canepa (@rcanepac) (3-4) Bills 28 – Jets 16

In Peru, I only go to a sports bar in a prime time game since there’s only ONE sports bar in Lima which broadcasts NFL!! (For the record, I don’t think they pay any rights to the NFL so I won’t be telling the game). So I’ll be drunk with my friend Erick, who happens to be the other bills fan in Peru thanks to me. I’m sure he hates me for that. Hopefully, it’ll be a fun drunkenness since the place will be packed with jets fans.

Well, this team has surprised us all. Takeaways are still a part of this team and last game I attribute it to the hard hitting. Also, I love Hyde.

Finally we got one game in which we felt safe. I want more of those. I’m nervous because so much is on the line. But I think that we’ll finally pull this through.


There is a distinct possibility that the drought could end on my birthday. As someone who doesn’t watch any football I am way more excited about the Buffalo Bills than I am for the Buffalo Sabres who appear to be as good as the liquid shit that sticks to your toilet when you have that one house guest you fucking hate.

So, this week was the Jets/Bills game on TSB, and while it would not be the total blowout of the last meeting, it was a high scoring game, where TYROD FUCKING TAYLOR had 250+ yards RUSHING. RUSHING. Who the fuck wants Peterman as QB? I think you have a Nazi rally to attend to, don’t forget to get punched you fucking losers.

At the half, they looked domination on run defense, but

They had this one play running left that I couldn’t stop, but

Every time I couldn’t pass, which seemed to be quite a bit, I just ran Tyrod down the field.

SO, we are at week 9, and here are the standings as is,

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