Chris & Dan: Everyone Calm Down

Chris & Dan: Everyone Calm Down


Chris & Dan: Everyone Calm Down


We’re back with our fifth episode of the season, and it seems like everyone is already freaking out about the direction of this team. The Penguins aren’t necessarily playing up to their fullest potential, and now everyone has an article/column/blog/podcast(us, too)/etc. about how to “fix” this team. Well, some things need fixed, but let’s be real. It’s Nov. 1, and we barely care about the results of all of these games. It wouldn’t be surprising if the players barely care, too.

This week, we break down a bunch of different items of note in this episode: more goaltender changes, new faces at forward and defense, line changes, and more. We also discuss struggles at 5-on-5, the continued weirdness on the second of back-to-backs, and hideous Team USA uniforms. All that, and more, in today’s episode!

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