Gameday 14: A Pox On That Phony King of New York

Gameday 14: A Pox On That Phony King of New York


Gameday 14: A Pox On That Phony King of New York


The title’s Robin Hood reference was brought to you by my 15 month old son, who I need to constantly distract with Disney movies to keep him from killing himself by diving head first off of whatever he can climb on.  I think I’m beginning to lose grip on what’s real and what’s from the house of mouse.

The “King Henrik” monicker was always ridiculous, but given how abysmal Lundqvist has been this season, it’s borderline hilarious to think that it was once a thing.

The real issue tonight will be seeing if Rask and the Bruins’ D can keep the Rangers from scoring since currently NYR sits 4th in Goals For.  This is made a little better when you realize they’ve played 16 games already, but they’re still a huge scoring threat.

Good practice for the upcoming home & home against Toronto, I guess?


Boston: 6-4-3
New York: 7-7-2

Leading Scorers:

Boston: Brad Marchand/David Pastrnak (both: 8G, 14Pts)
New York: Mika Zibanejad (8G, 17Pts)



New York:
Apparently, none, you smug bastards.

Where To Watch:

Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub (BOS), WOR 710 (NYR)
Streaming: There’s a few places online where you can find games, but /r/puckstreams and /r/nhlstreams are your best places.

Random Thoughts:

Since Shattenkirk entered the league, I’ve been obsessed intrigued mildly interested with how his name is a combination of “Shatner” and “Kirk”.  What I didn’t know is that William Shatner and Shattenkirk are Twitter bros, and apparently Shattenkirk also send ol’ Bill a signed shirt.

Playing a New York team, gotta pick a New York beer.  Over the years I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY.  On the one hand, most of their beers are not my typical taste.  They specialize in Belgium/Whit/Abbey-style ales that just aren’t up my alley.  That being said though, they also brew beers inspired by Game Of Thrones, one of my favorite book/TV series of all time (yes, I’m one of those insufferable jerks who read the books years before the show was announced, and yes I DO feel the need to announce that).

But! This Gameday Brew is about a beer I tried well before they dipped into the ales of Westeros.  This is a beer that spent a good long while as my favorite beer of all time, and that beer is: Three Philosophers.

Three Philosophers is hard to describe.  It’s a complex taste, heavy and slightly boozy, without being overpowering.  It’s a Quadrupedal ale with a  respectable 9.7% ABV.  There is a slight fruitiness to it, but don’t let that scare you if it isn’t your thing (it’s not mine), its hidden behind so many other flavors, it more compliments them rather than overpowers them.

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