2017 Davis Cup final preview

2017 Davis Cup final preview


2017 Davis Cup final preview


The duos are set and the game is on! The 2017 Davis Cup, the veritable “World Cup of Tennis” comes to a finale this month as Belgium are set to take on France between 24-26 November. With the final so near at hand and everyone waiting to see who’s going to come out on top, betting exchange Betfair have put together the below infographic to bring anyone just tuning in up to speed on the cup itself and the teams that have competed so far. And for anyone looking to bet on tennis before the final matches, the facts might help you make an informed decision.

The Davis Cup is over 100 years old now, originally beginning as a challenge between America and Great Britain. It’s since evolved and expanded as more and more teams wanted to join in. The cup itself is named in honour of Dwight F. Davis who was the American so determined to best his British compatriots at tennis that he bought a trophy worth $1,000 out of his own pocket (so it’s fair to say he was confident too). Since then the roster of teams has gone from two to six to 23, and most recently in 2013 it exploded to include 130 different nations! Last year’s winners were Argentina but with the final coming up, we’ll soon see a new champion crowned.

This year’s final sees France and Belgium compete. France won their semi-final match convincingly but Belgium’s was a little closer. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who was going to abstain this year, has proved a devastating force and swept his nation closer and closer to victory, while Belgium has David Goffin who, despite some initial trouble, helped his country reach the final with a win over Australia.

Sadly, Great Britain didn’t make it to the final (but we did beat Belgium in 2015 so we can call that a vicarious win). If you’re looking for more information about Great Britain’s history in the Davis Cup before the final, just look below:

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