Kyrie Irving goes to bat for LaVar Ball

Kyrie Irving goes to bat for LaVar Ball

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Kyrie Irving goes to bat for LaVar Ball


LaVar Ball is one of the most polarizing people in the sports world today. Fans, analysts and players tend to either like him or loathe him.

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving seems to fall into the first category, which we learned after his team squared off against the Lakers on Wednesday night.

Irving spoke to reporters after the game, and he defended Ball’s parenting style when asked about him.

“Just a supportive father. Some guys are in the front lines speaking for their kids, some parents are in the back line,” Irving said of Lonzo’s dad after the Boston Celtics beat the Lakers 106-97 on Wednesday night at TD Garden, via Nicholas Goss of NESN.

Irving continued:

“Just like the loud parent at graduation clapping unbelievably loud. We all have our different style of parents. I think everyone just needs to appreciate their own.”

Irving was also asked about Lonzo, and added that the Lakers guard does a great job of running the team. He didn’t comment on the rookie’s awkward shooting motion, though.

And as far as LaVar Ball goes, some have felt that he’s attempting to use Lonzo to insert himself into the spotlight. Others feel that he’s just being supportive of his son, and that’s what Irving seems to believe.

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