TJ Lang rips Jameis Winston for 'embarrassing' pregame speech

TJ Lang rips Jameis Winston for 'embarrassing' pregame speech


TJ Lang rips Jameis Winston for 'embarrassing' pregame speech


Jameis Winston may have had good intentions when he delivered one of the weirdest pregame speeches we’ve ever seen before last Sunday’s game in hopes of inspiring his teammates, but he’s been getting ripped by current and former players for it.

Winston was surrounded by his teammates when he was seen twisting the fingers on his right hand into the shape of a “W.” He then put the fingers into his mouth, and asked the Bucs players, “How many people want to eat a ‘W’ tonight?”

Apparently, the Bucs did not want to eat a “W,” as they got destroyed by the Saints, 30-10. And now Winston, too, has been getting destroyed for his unorthodox speech.

Lions guard T.J. Lang is the most recent player to do just that, and he shared his thoughts during his weekly appearance on the Valenti Show on 97.1 The Ticket.

“I’m not going to lie. That was one of the most embarrassing pregame speeches I’ve ever seen,” Lang told the radio station during his weekly appearance on Tuesday, as transcribed by Dave Birkett of Detroit Free Press. “It wouldn’t have been as bad if his teammates got riled up, but the looks on their faces like, ‘What the hell just happened?’ I mean, if the guys would have got riled up, you could have been like, ‘OK, that was kind of funny, it was kind of cool.’ But it was just dead, man. It was brutal.”

Lang isn’t the only one who has criticized Winston over his speech, and the Bucs quarterback, now in his third season, might want to consider addressing his teammates in a more professional manner next time. He’s not a rookie anymore.

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