#RaceToQBMountain Week 11 Watchlist

#RaceToQBMountain Week 11 Watchlist

Buffalo Wins

#RaceToQBMountain Week 11 Watchlist


Welcome to Week Eleven of the “perhaps not needed for Buffalo Wins” QB Mountain watch list.

Last Week Thoughts

As always, if you want a little analytics with your chat, PFF has a great roundtable looking at that side of the ledger for the gents we discuss #onhere.

Stidham was okay against Texas A&M, a team that is sliding into the abyss sadly.

(Always love you Coach Sumlin!)

Finley was ok in his matchup against Clemson, but overall it was a game to forget. Bedlam was fun – with both QBs proving they earned the hype they’ve received thus far, and Baker Mayfield going hard. I mean really folks, watch (or re-watch) that game and look at Mayfield with a mind towards Drew Brees this Sunday against the Bills. Darnold did well against Arizona, but the pick he threw will be scrutinized, as will the rumors that intensify claiming he’ll return for another season.

Josh Allen – 10/20 for 138 yards passing, 60 yards rushing in an ugly snowstorm game against Colorado State. Color me highly unimpressed.

NFL Team Check ins:

The defeateds (San Francisco and Cleveland) and their younger brother the Giants (1-7) own the top 3 picks, with Tampa (2-6) and Indy (3-6) rounding out the top five.

The Bills’ loss to the Jets was both crushing and typical, but it seems a collapse under this staff isn’t in the cards. As a result, teams like the Jets (4-5) sit around 12-14 pick wise and may need to trade up to get to a signal caller.

Games to Watch this Weekend: (All times EST)


Oklahoma State at Indiana State (12 pm, ESPN 2) – After the Bedlam let down, getting back on track and praying for a tie break of some sort is the best the Cowboys as a team can hope for. For their signal caller, hopefully a week healthier – it’s a great time to sling the ball to Washington and co.

NC State at Boston College (12 pm, ABC) – Finley is good. Seeing him against a solid BC will help him recover from last week and also give scouts a shot to see what he does after adversity.

Georgia at Auburn (3:30 pm, CBS) – This is one of the toughest defenses that Stidham will see all year. I’m not sure he’ll fare well, but that’s why they play the games!

Virginia at Louisville (3:30 pm, ESPN U/Watch ESPN) – Lamar Jackson at home against a Virginia side I see as beatable.

USC at Colorado (4 pm, FOX) – Colorado’s defense is traditionally good the last few years in the secondary and Darnold throws picks for days. I’m going to check this out if only to see how much of a hole they have to dig out of by the 2nd quarter.

TCU at Oklahoma (8 pm, FOX) – Oklahoma and TCU are punching each other out for the right to try and get to the playoff. I’m going to enjoy the outstanding TCU defense against Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma offense.

Arizona State at UCLA (9:30 pm, PAC 12 Network) – Chosen One is back so I’m watching him go up against Todd “I got family everywhere” Graham’s squad. Coming off several injuries, I don’t think there will be a question to the toughness and character of Rosen, but I also don’t think it’s a leadership issue that he speaks out on social issues using his platform. Call me crazy.

Wyoming at Air Force (10:15 pm, ESPN U/Watch ESPN) – Josh Allen vs. a service academy team. Color me sleep or watching something else (looks towards ASU / UCLA).

That’s it for this week. Tweet us and let us know if we’ve missed a QB you’ve had your eyes on!

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