Clippers Can't Stop Pelicans, Lose 5th Straight 111-103

Clippers Can't Stop Pelicans, Lose 5th Straight 111-103

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Clippers Can't Stop Pelicans, Lose 5th Straight 111-103


Another game, another night of poor defense for the LA Clippers. Despite forcing the Pelicans to 23 turnovers, Los Angeles allowed the Pelicans to shoot 53% from the field. Cousins & Davis combined for a stat line of 60 points & 25 rebounds. LA was led by Blake Griffin who put up 26 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, but on 9/27 (33%) shooting. Despite the Clippers struggling from the field as a team (40%), they managed to stay within striking distance the entire game. Ultimately, the Clippers lost this game as a result of being unable to contain the glass, and poor defense.

Failing to Rebound

Prior to the game I stated the Clippers needed to contain the glass in order to win this game. Unfortunately Los Angeles allowed themselves to be outrebounded 51-37. That’s simply unacceptable when you’re going against team comprising of Anthony Davis & Demarcus Cousins. The Clippers allowed the Pelicans to get easy second chance points, and failed to get crucial offensive rebounds.

Poor Defense

You simply can’t win a game when you allow the opposing team to shoot 53% from the field. The Clippers had good hustle to force turnovers, but their defense wasn’t there to contest any shots. Take a look at E’Twaun Moore’s highlight’s from the game, he’s largely uncontested on all of his shots.

Los Angeles was incredibly slow on defense, and couldn’t defend without fouling.

The Final Clip: Every game seems to be the same story during this losing streak. Los Angeles hasn’t had a game where they had good ball movement & good defense since they played Dallas. Something truly needs to change, because the mistakes are not being fixed.

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