For Sale: The Place Jackie Robinson Grew Up

For Sale: The Place Jackie Robinson Grew Up

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For Sale: The Place Jackie Robinson Grew Up


It might not be the same house Jackie Robinson grew up in…but it is the closest thing you’re going to get finding the Hall of Famer’s childhood home.

For a mere $649,000(!), the house on 123 Pepper Street in Pasadena can be yours. But don’t be fooled by the real estate listing, the thing isn’t really Robinson’s “former house”…it is merely just the location on where the Brooklyn Dodgers legend use to live.

From 1922 to 1946, Robinson lived just minutes from the Rose Bowl in the then all-white neighborhood. That residence would be the place he called home while playing for John Muir High School and, later, for UCLA.

The four bedroom house would eventually be torn down in 1977 and replaced with the current establishment.

Sadly, the only thing that connects Robinson to living there is a plaque affixed to the stucco facade proclaiming “Jackie Robinson resided on this site with his family from 1922 to 1946.”


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