LeBron James believes Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL

LeBron James believes Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL


LeBron James believes Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL


A number of NFL teams have seen their starting quarterback suffer a serious injury this season, which has opened the door for the possibility of bringing in a free agent to replace them. Matt Schaub, Kellen Clemens, E.J. Manuel, Garrett Gilbert and Mark Sanchez are just a few signal-callers that were recently signed by NFL teams, but for some reason, Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent.

And while football may not be LeBron James’ area of expertise, the Cavs star seems to believe he knows why Kaep is still unsigned.

James recently spoke to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, and told the reporter that he believes Kaepernick is getting a “wrong doing,” and added that he thinks the free-agent quarterback is being blackballed by the NFL.

“I love football, but I’m not part of the NFL,” James told ESPN following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ practice Sunday. “I don’t represent the NFL. I don’t know their rules and regulations. But I do know Kap is getting a wrong doing, I do know that. Just watching, he’s an NFL player. He’s an NFL player and you see all these other quarterbacks out there and players out there that get all these second and third chances that are nowhere near as talented as him. It just feels like he’s been blackballed out of the NFL. So, I definitely do not respect that.”

James isn’t the first to make that statement, and he may not be wrong. Look at the Bills, for example, as the team’s coaching staff elected to start rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman in a must-win game on the road against the Chargers on Sunday. The fifth-round draft pick only lasted one half — tossing five interceptions in the first two quarters before being replaced by former starter Tyrod Taylor. Kaep certainly could’ve turned in a better performance than Peterman did.

It remains to be seen whether Kaepernick is, indeed, being blackballed by the NFL, but it seems unlikely that he’ll be signed by a team at this point in the season.

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