List of Joe: Bills/Chargers recap - Hell on earth...Offense/defense sputters, local/national media feud, and 400 F-BOMBS

List of Joe: Bills/Chargers recap - Hell on earth...Offense/defense sputters, local/national media feud, and 400 F-BOMBS

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List of Joe: Bills/Chargers recap - Hell on earth...Offense/defense sputters, local/national media feud, and 400 F-BOMBS


This won’t be like my traditional breakdown of a game. If anything, this is just a rant.

1) I’m going to try and not pontificate too much on here. Yes, as much as some people think that being right is the only way to show credibility and will constantly twist facts to support their narrative, I am a benevolent man who tends to want to be proven wrong if that means the Bills are better for it…but in this case? I can’t. You are/were an idiot if you believed Nathan Peterman was going to be better than Tyrod Taylor. I’ve said it about 500 times, but it bears repeating: ROOKIE QBS TAKEN BETWEEN ROUNDS 5-7 ARE TRASH! Them are the facts. To ask fucking Nathan Peterman to be better than a QB who your teammates have backed and has had some good and bad moments over last 3 seasons during a playoff run, is fricken lunacy…and that’s before I even talk about this game.

and about this game…

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!! 5 INTERCEPTIONS ON 16 FUCKING ATTEMPTS!!!?! ALMOST AS MANY COMPLETIONS (6) AS INTERCEPTIONS?! He was one interception away from setting a Bills record for a game. He was one fucking interception away from tying Tyrod Taylor’s INT total FOR THE ENTIRE 2015 SEASON!! Hey, how about those shitty fucking sports takes on “Wanting a QB to take chances and who cares if he throws picks?!” Yeah, nice fucking take, SLAP NUTS!

Look, I can bury Peterman more, but I will also throw in that when you have a shitty offensive line in front of you and your best WR is currently Zay Jones, you aren’t going to succeed. Which makes the nice games Tyrod had against Denver, Oakland, Tampa Bay even more incredulous because he did it with shitty talent around him. But, hey, you weren’t listening then. Maybe after seeing your great white dope in there now, you’ll start understanding the concept of TEAM GAME.

2) Fuck this defense. 54, 47 and 31 points the last 3 weeks. Two of those 3 games came against teams that are worse than the Bills for crap sakes. They have given up 1,242 yards in total offense over the last 3 games. Outside of the secondary, the front 7 is pure trash. I know the anti-millennial crowd couldn’t wait to get rid of Dareus because he wasn’t blue-collar enough and you thought the plucky underdog DTs replacing him were better. However, It is pretty coincidental that the Jags aren’t getting smoked on the run anymore, but the Bills are.

Before Dareus trade (6 GAMES) :

  • Bills gave up 507 yards on 3.45 YPC
  • Jags gave up 874 yards on 5.20 YPC

Last 3 GAMES:

  • Jags gave up 162 yards on 3.10 YPC
  • Bills gave up 638 yards on GO FUCK YOURSELF!

I’m sure someone is sitting there going ALTERNATIVE FACTS!! FAKE NEWS!! NATIONAL MEDIA ARE WRONG!!!  Again, for the 200th time: Dareus at his worst, is much better than his replacements and this regime gave him zero chance to play/succeed to prove that.

Oh, and the team has 8 sacks in their last 8 games. Good job for this zone defense. At this rate, who the hell is going to be left heading into next season on the front 7? I wouldn’t be shocked if all the current starters are put out to pasture from the front 7.

3) Speaking of starters, I know the move from Tyrod to Peterman has to be going over like a fart in church in that locker room. However, does it really matter? McBeane are going to be here for a few more years and I’m willing to bet those veteran in the locker room are going to be gone next year. So, even if you are pissing off some of those guys, they are going to be gone next year. If I’m a betting man, I think 25, 57, 95, 52 are totally gone and maybe 90/55 are even bets.

4) So, how on earth can the Bills stick with Peterman? This was one of the worst QB performances in team history. Better yet, how on earth did McDermott get to this decision? All we heard all week from the Bills hierarchy and John Murphy propaganda show was how Peterman was a gun-slinger in practice and that’s what they were basing it on. I mean, it is easy for talking heads to say “Well, we don’t see practice, so, maybe there is something to it.” Well, if he was good in practice, I assure you it didn’t translate on the field. So, did he really show how good he was in practice?

Frankly, I think the Bills did this because they love their own guys and hate anyone who they didn’t handpick. They have been waiting for Taylor to mess up in one game so they can prove how smart they are by putting in a QB THEY picked. In essence, it is like Dareus deal in a reverse setting. The Bills waited for the defense and no-name defensive tackles to look decent and “Boom! We don’t need Dareus because we have our astute McDermott scheme to carry us!” Well, guess what? You need to look at everything in more of a BIG Picture sense and not let 2-3 games make you panic or think you are the next Bill Belichick. Outside of talent, I put so much of this on McBeane. They threw their QBs this year to the fucking wolves because of their own arrogance.

I also think Dennsion had a big hand in this decision process. I mean, when you are a defensive minded head-coach like McDermott is, you tend to rely on your offensive coordinator to really be a bit more than just an OC. It is kind of like when Chan Gailey let Dave Wannstedt totally ruin the defense or even Gregg Williams allowing Kevin McBride to pass too much because “Well, that’s his side of the ball, so, I’ll give carte blanche to do what he wants.”

I wonder if McDermott was convinced to do this since we all know Dennsion wants pocket passer -who can throw 4 yard heroic slants- and make the next Matt Schaub pick-6 machine. Seriously, if the Bengals or Giants fire their HCs, I’m replacing the Shanahan Coattail rider ASAP.

5) Since the decision went down, anytime I listened to WGR, it seemed like a few people on the station were fixated about the national media. It is funny, but when the national media doesn’t give a shit about the Bills, fans get pissy. But when they decide to criticize the team, everyone, including the local media, act like they don’t know shit. Like was it really incredulous for the national media to bash this move? I mean, you were 5-4 and you are going to a fucking rookie QB picked in round fucking 5.

Some of the bally hoo from local media about the national media consisted of the following:

  1. They are using stats wrong.
  2. They don’t watch the games.
  3. We should aim for more than breaking the drought.

Let’s go to “using the stats wrongly”. Really? You know how many times I’ve seen local media tweet out box score stats without zero context? My favorite is the Tyrod Taylor is like 8 games under .500 when he throws more than 30 passes. They use that without mentioning how the defense in those games are complete trash and that’s a main reason why they lost (See: Seattle/Miami game last year for example). Just because you don’t like someone’s narrative, doesn’t mean you have to trash their facts on how they got there.

“They don’t watch the games.” Fine. I will say most of national media doesn’t watch Bills games. However, I think most local media don’t watch the national games either. Because of that, they may be trapped in a bit of a local bubble. I’m sure some local media folks probably think Joe Flacco is still elite based on his 2012 season. I’ve watched enough primetime New England games on Twitter to see that when Chris Hogan scores a TD, you can count on a local media member going “TYPICAL BILLS! LET GO OF A GREAT WR LIKE HOGAN!” Of course, Hogan is basically a 50 catch guy and if you watched Pats games, you would know he’s not Wes Welker.

Now of those first two blurbs, I can maybe live with their spinning. But the next one?

“We should aim for more than breaking the drought.” Oh, fuck you. Three weeks ago Jeremy White tweeted it was boom or bust if they didn’t make the playoffs and told anyone who was panicking after the Jets game that they were idiots. Now, because One Bills drive is selling you on the future, we should want more? GTFO. For the 500th fucking time: If the Bills were going to a rookie QB picked who was drafted in first two rounds, I may be able to find common ground with the “children are our future” narrative . Alas, a 5th round rookie QB shouldn’t be in the cards to break the Super Bowl drought that we are now all of sudden supposed to look towards.

I almost wanted to kill anyone who tried throwing shade at John Clayton because he said just making the playoffs would be huge in Buffalo. I had Sal Capaccio, Jeremy White, and Bulldog acting like this was Clayton saying we should be thankful to have a team. Are you kidding? THE BILLS HAVE GONE 18 YEARS WITHOUT A PLAYOFF GAME!!! Of course it will mean more here than if Baltimore just sneaks in and loses in the wild card because they have a good history of football.

If the Bills represented dating, it would be this…Yeah, I’d like to marry Jessica Alba, but at this point, I’m a guy who hasn’t gotten a date in 18 years and I’m just looking to get laid by anyone. Let me get laid and I’ll figure out what’s next afterwards.

Part of me thinks the “National media are looking down at you” POV is straight out of the Jonah Javad playbook for tugging at the heart-strings of insecure fans.

Additionally, I think some local media get very territorial and enjoy trashing the national media whenever they can. They want to remind you constantly that they know more than the national people do because national media in sports has kind of boxed out local coverage. I mean, sports casts are now like 3 minutes and I think a lot has to do with ESPN and the explosion of sports television nationally. Local print writers have to compete with and so on because they get way more exposure. So, of course they are gonna take a swipe at national guys because of competition.

I saw one Rochester writer RT someone saying that national media said Tyrod was a top 5 QB. Really? I seriously doubt anyone used such hyberbole to describe Tyrod in the national scene. I also think national media crucifying the move made other local media members dig in their heels to try and find ways to justify it. I mean, everyone on the local media scene was buzzing about what Peterman could do this past week and it was 2 weeks ago they would laugh you off the face of the earth if you mentioned him replacing Tyrod. Hell, I love Matthew Fairburn, but he gave making this move from Tyrod to Peterman an A-.

Prior to the game, I listened to pregame on WGR and a few hosts acted like Peterman playing would help the running game. When on earth does a rookie QB -drafted in the 5th round- mean they are going to help the running game when the last two years your running game was #1 with the QB you just benched? Aren’t defenses going to focus more on the running game because your rookie QB sucks balls and can’t complete passes? Beuhler??? Beuhler?? Like did Russ Brandon send WGR a Rick Dennison manifesto on how this change was gonna help the Bills on the field? Jesus Christ could you be more wrong on what the offense can look like.

Either some media members just fell in love with the guts of McDermott’s decision rather than the logic, or they hate the national media, or will just believe anything this team puts out.

Oh, and the national media ended up being right.

Final word: Fuck you. Seriously, fuck the Bills for starting 5-2. I was on the 4-12 train prior to this season and they totally fucked everything up. Maybe if they alternated W/Ls this season we would be in a better place as fans. However, right now, there’s nothing out there to make me trust the process. Take it from someone who watched the Sabres tank: It is easier to rip everything down than building it back up.

Building back up consisted of you telling me that Peterman was an upgrade over Taylor. By saying that and completely being wrong about it, my confidence in your long-term vision has shaken. Again, fuck you.

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