UND vs. DU Rivalry Flame Ignited

UND vs. DU Rivalry Flame Ignited

North Dakota

UND vs. DU Rivalry Flame Ignited


ND forward Shane Gersich (Photo Credit: Russell Hons UNDSports.com

It must be Sunday, the University of North Dakota and the University of Denver fan bases are at each other’s throats. By now you’ve probably heard that sophomore forward Cole Smith is a massive goon and a dirty hack. We’ve also seen charges that head coach Jim Montgomery is a huge whiner. You’re probably tired of hearing how Troy Terry is an American hero. Right?

That means this storied rivalry is healthy. Correct? I think so.

Just think, next year, UND will be able to beat the Pioneers in other sports when the Fighting Hawks join the Pioneers in the Summit League. The Summit league (natural rivals: DU, NDSU, SD, SDSU and UNO) is going to ooze hatred. Frankly, I can’t wait. Wait till the Pioneers play the Fighting Hawks volleyball team. Even better, the Fighting Hawks basket teams are also going to get a whack at the Pioneers, too. The hatred will keep us all warm on a cold winters night.

As I’ve said before, I consider the Denver Pioneer to be the Fighting Hawks top rival. And it shows. All you have to do is read social media. We hate them. When they win you want to throw your television out the window. The Pioneers coaches ooze smugness and contempt. I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the way, the bloggers over at Let’s DU are nice folks. Please keep it civil if you can.

Former Pioneers head coach George Gwozdecky was famous for working the officials, apparently, Monty isn’t half bad at it either. I mean honestly, this was a masterpiece.  A night after berating the on-ice officials Monty was praising the same crew that he was verbally assaulting a night earlier.  If I’d been the NCHC commissioner, he would’ve been suspended for Saturday’s game.

Adding fuel to the fire for the next reunion between the two teams.

“I give credit to the refs — I thought they did a great job of protecting our players because there were a lot of dangerous hits tonight,” head coach Jim Montgomery said.

Finally, there’s no excusing this bravo sierra. Young, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son. Also, this is what the anti-nickname folks were talking about. Congrats to the parents of this kid, you raised a beaut here. Obviously, you’re spending $60,000.00 a year and he’s not learning anything.

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