Week 11 Mailbag

Week 11 Mailbag


Week 11 Mailbag


Hello, Colts fans. It’s been a bit since we’ve had a mailbag, but it’s good to be back. The team is on a bye this week, which is great because it means they can’t break our hearts this Sunday.

Let’s see what’s on your minds…

Q: Which position should the Colts throw the most money at during free agency? – Eric

Great question. As of now, there will be plenty of options available at many positions should Chris Ballard wish to go on a spending spree. Thing is, I’m not sure what to expect from him in year two. Will he try for a big splash or two or do something similar to last off season? We just don’t know.

The main areas of need in my opinion are OL and LB. I’m not sure I really need to go into detail as to why. Another spot to look at is WR. The team needs a big, physical WR who commands enough respect to free up TY to do his thing.

You can browse a list of players who may be free agents right here.

Q: My question still is: How do we stop the bleeding? What can we do with the current team to pull out a win? – Amy Louise

Play the Browns every week?

I know I’m speaking for the masses here, but watching this team is infuriating and heartbreaking. They could be in first place. They could also be win-less. They’re painful to watch, because we know what’s coming, but we do it anyway.

The easiest way to stop the bleeding is to fire Charles Pagano. It’s over, it’s been over, and I feel like Jim Irsay is trolling us all by subjecting us to an entire Pagano farewell season. I’m sick of him and his BS.

Speaking of #ChuckNay…

Q: So, who do you fire first, everybody or everybody? – Erik

I’m obviously not Jim Irsay, because if I were, Pagano would’ve been gone a long time ago, but let’s pretend I get to be Jim on December 31st, the last game of the season (home against the Texans). The Colts lead 17-14 in the 4th, but this time Tom Savage’s comeback attempt isn’t denied, and the Texans pull off the win. This is what I’d do: Have security escort him off the field immediately. I wouldn’t even allow him to leave the stadium through a private exit. Get this clown outta here.

I can everyone else – including the training and medical staff – with the exception of special teams coach Tom McMahon. I make it worth his while to stay. I also consider keeping QB coach Brian Schottenheimer, because I feel like he’s done fine given the circumstances. Everyone else, back up the Mayflower trucks.

Q: Any silver lining to this season? Any benefit to still winning games? – O’Long

Despite the often sad result on the scoreboard, yes, there have been some silver linings. Pierre Desir and Rashaan Melvin. Nate Hairston. Henry Anderson. Johnathan Hankins. Marlon Mack has shown flashes of what he will be. Malik Hooker has too. Anthony Castonzo has played fairly well. Jabaal Sheard. John Simon. Jacoby Brisket has shown flashes. RigtheousBurrito Sanchez has done a terrific job replacing Pat McAfee. In fact, he’s probably better than McAfee. So yes, there has been some good from this mess.

As for your second question…this is tough for me. I’ve never been into the tanking nonsense. These guys are professionals, this is their job. You go out and compete hard and to the best of your ability every minute of every game. To do anything less cheats yourself, your teammates, and the people who pay to watch you. I also see the benefits of losing and securing a higher draft pick. Right now, I can’t root against this team. The plus to this is I don’t need to, because they’re doing a fine job of securing a good draft pick on their own.

Q: Why hasn’t Marcus (Dugan) suited up this season? We need him – Jodi

Jodi obviously hasn’t been paying enough attention, because Marcus has indeed taken the field this season. He downed a punt inside the 10 in the Seattle game, and also stuffed DeMarco Murray for a 2 yard loss in the Titans game. Sadly, Marcus suffered a hangnail on the play, and was placed on IR. Get well soon, Marcus. At least bask in knowing that next season when you play multiple positions again, it will be for a different head coach.

Q: I’m currently in Ireland, and noticed a lot of locals pounding Guinness while watching rugby, and it made me wonder: What beer and sport combination is consumed the most together? I’m not talking generic beer, but like Bud Light and football? Carlsburg and soccer? – Nick

Another damn fine question from my world traveling friend.

Pushing personal preferences aside, it should be noted that Budweiser is truly the king of beers, at least when it comes to sponsorship deals and consumption. Keeping this in mind, I feel like it’s accurate to say baseball and Bud go hand in hand together.

Based on the number of stories I’ve heard of NBA players drinking Hennessy in the locker room, I feel like this cognac is a good match for the NBA. NBA, not college. We all know for college kids it’s Natty Light, except at the University of Kentucky, where they’re fond of Cheaters IPA.

Football is also a Bud sport, but has branched out some. For instance, Zima and the New England Patriots are basically kissing cousins, so I feel like there’s a bit more variety to football than with baseball.

For Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth, it’s a warm glass of shut the hell up.


Thanks for the questions.

See you soon, Colts fans


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