Avery Bradley returns with no hard feelings

Avery Bradley returns with no hard feelings

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Avery Bradley returns with no hard feelings


No one hates Avery Bradley.

Check that… no normal person hates Avery Bradley. This is a guy who not only grew exponentially as a player from good defender who only scored on backdoor cuts to high-quality two-way player who is about to earn a very nice free agent contract.

But that contract is coming after a trade away from Boston. This almost exclusively positive and nice person HAS to be gunning for revenge in his return to Boston, right? Every NBA player who gets moved is motivated by anger and vengeance… isn’t he?


Bradley, who turned 27 on Sunday, doesn’t have time for negative thoughts.

“I think (Thomas) understands it’s a business as well, but we’re two different people. All I can do is respect the way that he feels and I think he will do the same for me,” Bradley said. “I understand what they did. I have no hard feelings at all. I ended up with a great situation and a great organization so I’m happy and they’re playing well.”

No really, he means it. He’s not upset at all.

Jay King has the whole video of Bradley’s media appearance on MassLive

“A lot of things (went through my mind),” Bradley continued. “Instantly I was like, man, let me call my wife first, let me call my agent, let me talk to (Pistons coach) Stan (Van Gundy). But once I spoke to those three I felt a lot more comfortable and it started to settle in what was happening. So I was fine with it.

I wish they could clone Avery Bradley just so every team in the NBA and their fan bases could understand and appreciate the understated awesomeness of this guy.

Not only does he work his ass off and try to do things the right way, he just carries himself with the level of professionalism and grace that we wish everyone could have.

I’m looking forward to Avery’s return… no matter how weird it is to see him in another team’s uniform. I hope the team gives him a good tribute video so the fans can properly appreciate him. Not only does he deserve that kind of return… I think these young kids on the Celtics need to see you don’t have to be a Paul Pierce-level Hall of Famer to get a lot of love from Boston.





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