Gameday 23: It's Electric!

Gameday 23: It's Electric!


Gameday 23: It's Electric!


Obvious title is obvious.

You thought the west coast trip was a challenge, the Lightning are 3rd in the league in scoring and 4th in goals against. They’re arguably one of the most talented teams in the league and run by the NHL equivalent of Doctor Doom.

No word on who is in net yet, but I say start Rask.  Going under the assumption that Rask is the starter going forward, then you need to play him against the toughest opponents eventually.


Boston: 10-8-4
Tampa: 16-5-2

Leading Scorers:

Boston: David Pastrnak (12G, 20Pts)
Tampa: Steven Stamkos (10G, 36Pts)


A. McQuaid: Broken Fibula (IR)
D. Backes: Colon Surgery (IR)
A. Bjork: Undisclosed (IR)
B. Marchand: Undisclosed (IR) **
R. Spooner: Undisclosed (IR) **
P. Cehlari: LBI (DTD)
J. DeBrusk: UBI (DTD)
D. Krejci UBI (DTD)

J. Dotchin: Undisclosed (IR)
J. Brown: Illness (DTD)

**Marchand and Spooner could play tonight, but with how this season has been, I’m going to keep including them until I actually see them on the ice.

Where To Watch:

Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub (BOS),  970 WFLA (TBL)
Streaming: There’s a few places online where you can find games, but /r/puckstreams and /r/nhlstreams are your best places.

Random Thoughts:

If Tampa Bay Lightning’s profits are down, do they just CHARGE higher prices?

Get it? You know, charge…like electicity

Fuck you, I’m funny.

Today I’m talking about Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout and I’m really pumped for it.  I just had it last night and I’ll tell you, this is a man’s beer (or woman’s beer, it’s just an expression).  I’m talking specifically about the 2017 iteration, but last year’s batch was really good too.

This beer starts off sweet, I’m no connoisseur, but I detect brown sugar, vanilla, and caramel, but finishes closer to bourbon with even a little bit of a smoke taste.  I tasted some dark fruit in there too, but not as much as previous years.

What is nice about this beer is that you don’t really taste the alcohol, but you feel it in every sip (as you should, it’s 14.7% ABV).  I have a few bottles, I plan on aging one a few years and enjoying another later this winter by the fire.  It says on the bottle to enjoy in a snifter, something I initially scoffed at, but I get it now.  I found myself taking a whiff of it and even twirling it around in it’s glass like a pretentious fuck before taking sips.  It’s definitely a beer not to be just drank, but enjoyed.

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